According to statistics, the kitchen is placed second among rooms where people spend most of their time at home. Today, in addition to regular work around the house, a kitchen serves as a restroom, a place for receiving guests, and for some people, even as a workplace. The days when a kitchen has been a place for cooking are long gone. In all this, the great kitchen has to have a range of qualities: be practical, have sufficient space, and fit into the design of the entire home.

If you are starting to do renovation or thinking about the remodeling of your home, the first step that stands out should be a choice of your kitchen design. Whether it should fit the existing interior or vice versa, the appearance of the home will be influenced on the kitchen style, and here you have a lot of options to choose from. 

Manufacturers offer different styles of kitchens from shabby chic and cozy galley-style to modern and contemporary. If you are struggling to which style will fit the best, kitchen interior designers will help you with important ideas for decorating. Furthermore, many companies provide the opportunity to build bespoke furniture, which allows you to realise a unique design created for you. 

Murdoch Troon Kitchens is an excellent example of such companies. It’s a family run business based in Lincolnshire which produces high-quality kitchens. This company stands out from the crowd of suppliers with its product quality, and a personal approach to every client.  Also, they offer excellent value for money for handmade solid wood kitchens that compete even with prices of companies that provide a flat-packed MDF/chipboard kitchen. 

To help you manage the difficulty of choosing, we have written a short guide that describes the most popular and the best kitchen styles.

Shabby Chic

Interior design for kitchen in a shabby chic style brings us to the past and provides vibes of antique and calmness. This style of kitchen decor appeared in Great Britain at the end of the twentieth century. The main feature here is all furniture created has signs of use and wear. Solid wood elements can be covered with many layers of paint and over the years can be painted different colours if desired. Speaking about a palette, shabby chic works well with whites, greys, and soft pastel colours. Often kitchen units are whitewashed, and metal elements can be slightly rusty if needed. Old decorative utensils with floral motifs covered with some cracks and scratches will help to complete the kitchen design.

Classic Cottage Style Kitchen

Every year the list of popular kitchen styles changes: some design ideas become trends while others go and don't come back, but the classic is eternal, and it's always fashionable and appealing. Classic сottage style is a wooden kitchen painted in white or cream and modern colours. It's a restrained molding, black countertops with honed angles, and uncovered legs of the kitchen island. This classic interior design for kitchens is the most universal and adaptive style which allows you to have a smooth mix of interior ideas and elements from other styles.

Farmhouse Kitchens

The farmhouse kitchen type fits for those individuals who live in large cities such as London  but would like to have a home experience such as in rural areas. This kitchen style makes an informal environment; it's inviting and uncomplicated design, which prefers white, red, and other retro interior design colours. Wood elements made by craftsmen are unpainted and polished that can provide a more natural appeal. An integral part of the design is a stove which has an old-fashioned styling to it. Also this style often includes doorless shelves, wooden floors, and a large family size table. If you have already, or an opportunity to have a fireplace, this will perfectly fit the old farmhouse kitchen style. 

Cosy Galley Kitchens

If you don't have a lot of available space, then the galley type of kitchen is the best option for your home. This design idea was taken from vessels where every inch of space is essential and valuable. The primary distinction from other popular kitchen styles is cabinetry, and other units stand across from each other, and you operate in a narrow area between them. Galley kitchens are not linked to any interior style, so you are free to use any decorative accessories.  

Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

The name of this kitchen design speaks for itself. The Mediterranean style is bright and lovely colours such as red, yellow, ocean blue, and terracotta that symbolize shining suns, blowing of breeze, and ocean waves. It prefers strong curves and graceful forms with a little hint of glamour. Also, textured walls and colourful tiles along the entire worktop are distinctive features of this top kitchen design. Add a few wrought iron elements, and your kitchen in the Mediterranean style will be complete. There is no compromise, whether you fall in love with it at first glance, or you should consider more traditional ideas of the interior.  


If the classical style never changes, then the modern kitchen style gets new updates as often as possible. Today's modern is the prevalence of minimalism and straight horizontal lines. Here, you will not find wood or fabric; only metal, plastic, and other high-tech materials. If you want to build a smart minimal home and use all the benefits of cutting-edge technologies, modern will be the best kitchen style for you.