Building your dream home or remodeling or renovating the one you own, the latest features and hottest finishes is a must to make your home trendy. Every industry is evolving these days with some trends staying forever while some changing every year. The construction industry also follows the same line. Constant trends are coming up contributing to a paradigm shift in the Ownit Homes home designs in Queensland. The designer and builders have to consider several aspects and parameters to give the clients exactly what they want. This needs well-organized communication with the client and the knowledge of the latest trends. Here are some trends that have been popular this year.

Open floor plans
One of the most demanded features for homes is open floor plans. This enables you to see your living room while you are in the kitchen to communicate with your family members to keep an eye on your kids. Open and interconnected spaces also increase the room in your house and make it look spacious. Maintaining continuity is the biggest challenge while designing an open floor plan. A proper flow should be maintained at the conjunction of two spaces.

Colors for kitchen
For many years homeowners used to follow a winter color scheme for kitchen, using white on white. However, in recent times, people are willing to experiment with colors. There are many colors to consider for your cabinetry like navy, light grey, muted green, charcoals, etc. Most house owners like the bold and gorgeous colors in their kitchen to make it a more lively space. A combination of white walls, hardwood flooring, and navy cabinet is highly admired.

Quartz material
Quartz is still a popular material choice for countertops. The clear and bright look of the quarts makes it more suitable for kitchens with colorful cabinetry. It balances the entire look which is why it is more liked than granite. Using this combination brings a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles. It can also be customized in size for both big and small spaces and is preferred by builders.

Elegant and classy bathrooms
Similar to kitchens, color experiments are also popular for bathrooms. Some people still prefer white and grey spaces like spas. Others like to play with colorful cabinets. Another popular option is painted cabinetry. Having painted cabinetry also allows you to have a wood-like texture on any preferred material. It is also a good idea to design similar countertops for both kitchen and bathrooms to maintain continuity.

Brass is everywhere
When it comes to fixtures brass is present everywhere in a modern-day house. People are opting for brass cabinet handles, plumbing, door hardware, lighting fixtures, etc. It is highly durable and perfect to create contrast and warmth in your space. Also, it is versatile and looks good with colors or whites.

Green home building
One of the most important aspects of home building is the material used for construction. Over the past few years, the demand for green material that has a minimum footprint on the environment has surged. Light-generating cement and martian concrete are examples of materials that are transforming the home building. They provide sustainability and are safe for the environment.