Is it time to paint the interior of your home? What are the signs a new paint job is necessary? Learn more in this guide.

To paint your typical 2-story, 2,500 square foot home inside and out, it'll cost you anywhere between $6700 and $12500 depending on where you live. 

How often should you paint your house interior?
There's no hard and fast rule. If your colors are outdated or you feel like you need a change, paint is always an easy fix. In other cases, a new paint job might be necessary.  

Do you think it's time to paint the interior of your home? What are some of the signs that a new paint job is necessary? Keep reading to find out. 

5 Signs Your Walls Need a New Paint Job
Are you considering new interior wall paint? Are you wondering if you can hold off a little longer? Let's look at some of the signs that it's time to repaint walls in your home. 

1. Peeling Paint 
This one is pretty obvious. Maybe the builder or previous owner used an inferior paint and it's starting to peel. 

It's also possible that the walls were not properly prepared before the paint was applied. Direct sunlight may also be the culprit. 

High humidity can also lead to peeling paint. shouldn't be surprised to find peeling paint in a bathroom or other rooms that have high levels of humidity. 

2. Fading
Have your walls been the same color for a long time? Do you have any dark colors that are beginning to fade? 

After several years, even the best paint for your home interior will fade, especially dark colors. 

Sun exposure will make the fading process happen faster than rooms with less sunlight coming in. 

3. Bored With or Don't Like The Color
Have you grown tired of your wall colors? Have you just moved into a house where the previous homeowner had horrible taste in paint colors? 

Styles change every so often and paint is a simple way to update your home without spending a whole ton of money. 

It's easy to look beyond the paint color when purchasing a preowned home because a new paint job can make a huge difference at an affordable price. 

4. Damaged Walls
Nail holes, furniture marks, scrapes, door knob holes, etc. make your walls look bad.

Do you change your room around and hit the walls from time to time? 

Do you move wall hangings or pictures or replace them with new ones? All that patching and making new holes does damage to your walls. 

A new paint job will make your walls look new again. 

5. Scuff Marks 
Those suitcases going through the hallway and normal wear and tear in high traffic areas can leave scuff marks on your walls.

Do you know how to repaint a wall that has scuff marks? You can do some touching up but over time, you'll need to repaint. 

Are You Ready to Refresh Your Walls?
Now that you know the signs that a new paint job is necessary, are you ready to refresh your interior walls' paint? Did you find this article helpful? Check out our other blog articles on anything from tech to automobiles to health and fitness.