Are you thinking about putting in bay windows? Here are 8 good reasons why you should go through with it.

You walk into your kitchen and grab your morning cup of coffee before walking over to your shelf to pick up a book. You take your morning beverage and entertainment over to your bay window nook and start where you left off yesterday morning.

Does this sound nice? This could be your life if you would install bay windows in your home. They provide tons of extra space that you can turn into your own private reading nook or whatever else you want.

To help you see all the advantages of this gorgeous and versatile window design, check out this quick guide.

1. They Add Value to the Home 
It will cost quite a bit of money to install bay windows in your home. The good news is that you have the potential to earn this money back with interest when it comes time to sell your home. 

They up the curb appeal of your house and make the inside look much more spacious than it actually is. 

They also give the place a clean, modern touch. 

These factors will reel in potential buyers when you're ready to put your house on the market. You'll be able to charge a bit more and your home may sell a lot faster too. 

2. They Let in More Natural Light
Bay windows are basically three windows all wrapped up into one. This allows a lot more natural light to seep into your home. That's not all.

These windows are unique in that they are slightly curved. This design allows light to come in from all angles.

You'll be able to turn off your light fixtures and enjoy the natural light coming into your home. That will do wonders for your power bill.
3. They Provide Great Ventilation 
When you want to let a little air in you either turn on a fan or open a dozen windows throughout your home. Bay windows make this a little bit easier and it's more effective. 

Both of the side windows open up. Bay windows are notoriously large so doing this lets in more of a breeze than a bunch of little windows would.  

4. Versatile Design 
Bay windows are popular in Victorian homes but they work just as well in modern ones. They'll look good in almost any room in your home from your living room to your kitchen. 

You've got a choice when it comes to style and the materials that are used. If you want something durable you can go with aluminum. Getting fiberglass bay windows cuts out maintenance. 

Wood veneer adds a warm feel to your home, and the vinyl ones come with tons of security features. You can go here to find out more about these materials. 

5. You'll Have Tons of Extra Space 
Bay windows protrude outward which does make your home look physically larger. You've got options for what to do with this extra space. There is going to be a little bench. 

You can use this bench as an extra sitting area for guests. You could convert it into a reading nook and work a small bookshelf into the design. You can also stick with decorating the space with plants and knick knacks. 

What you do all depends on how high up you have the window. If it's positioned high up on the wall, you're not going to ask guests to crawl up there to sit. You can use it for a decoration place. 

If the window is a bit lower, then you can put cushions there and use it as a seat. The choice is yours. 

6. You'll Have a Great View 
If you've planted a gorgeous garden in your yard it's sort of a waste to keep it out of sight. Having a bay window will bring attention to your hard work. 

Again, it's three windows together which allows for a panoramic view of what's going on outside. It will be hard to not bring attention to your yard. 

7. Customizable 
You won't have much say in the structure of the window but everything else is pretty customizable. You get to choose how far you want the window to jut out and how deep you want the bench to be. 

You can pick how high you want the window to be. Again, a high window is best for decorations and a low one is best for seating. There are a lot of different layout options available for bay windows and you get to choose which one you like the most for your home. 

8. Save on Your Energy Bill 
Again, bay windows can be a bit expensive to install. They will pay for themselves in the form of energy savings, though. You can get some that are airtight so your home won't be too affected by temperature changes. 

You can keep your lights shut off until nighttime sets in due to the fact that they let in so much light. If your home gets to be a bit too hot you can open them to let the air in. 

The Many Benefits of Bay Windows 
Are you thinking about having bay windows installed? It would be a good choice on your part. They give your house more space, let in natural light, help you save on your energy bill, and allow for a nice view of your yard. 

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to someone about starting the installation process today.  
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