Looking for a quick way to upgrade your house? Here are five cheap and easy projects to help breathe new life into your home.

Did you know that up to 60 percent of Americans say that they would like to have a larger house?
Size isn't the only thing that matters. You can also make significant home improvements to breathe new life into your home.

You don't have to break the bank either. There are many affordable and easy projects you can start by yourself.

Let's check out more below!

1. Install a New Flooring
The flooring in your home may be starting to look a little shabby and damaged. You may want to install new flooring in your home to lift the room.

Your home could quickly improve with the introduction of vinyl plank flooring. This will brighten up your home instantly.

Vinyl flooring is also more durable and damage resistant than many alternatives, which makes it perfect for kids and pets. 

2. Go Keyless
The average American spends around 2.5 days per year looking for lost items. What do you commonly lose, your phone, wallet or keys?

You could upgrade your household door with a smart lock. This looks really cool and contemporary. But, it's also really convenient for getting into your home.

You can simply purchase the smart lock online and install it on your own. Just follow the instructions on the box.

No more fumbling around in your bags and pockets for the house key. You'll straight inside the door with your smartphone.

3. Paint Your Front Door
If you want to improve your home's curb appeal, you should start with your front door. Remember, this is what people remember about your home as they pass by.  

Your door may need a repaint. The weather can beat away at your front door's exterior over time.

You could give it another lick of paint to brighten up the red on your door. Or, you may fancy a change of color. Why not go wild with a striking pink or a welcoming yellow?

4. Power Up Your Shower
When you wake up in the morning and you make your way into the shower, you don't want to feel droplets of water gently falling on your back. You want to experience the beating of water on your back. 

You may need to upgrade your shower to a power shower. This is easy to do!

An improved nozzle can give you more options for your morning wash. This simply DIY task can give you a better start to the day.

5. Faucet Swap for Quick Upgrade
You may not be able to afford to renovate your entire bathroom. However, even small changes can make it feel like new. 

Whether you have a leaky faucet or you're tired of the outmoded style, grab a wrench and install a new one. 
Ensure that you turn off the water supply before you start the job. After this simply screwing the new faucet on is easy.

Easy Projects to Upgrade Your Home
You don't have to be a DIY master or empty your wallet to upgrade your home. There are many easy projects which can improve your home in no time.

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