When it comes to luxury flooring, Karndean is difficult to beat. Providing exceptional quality flooring for over 30 years, the brand is renowned for its style, affordability and durability. The Karndean Palio Clic luxury vinyl collection is just one of the brand’s impressive offerings and we have spotted it being the cheapest in the UK over at Lifestyle Flooring UK.

These floors come with a range of excellent benefits and are sure to make a real statement in the home. The Vertralla design is a particularly great option for intimate rooms, providing a warm and sumptuous look. Here, you’ll discover more about this beautiful floor and the benefits it provides. 

Warm, cosy and indulgent

Featuring deep, warm brown tones, the Karndean Palio Clic Vertralla luxury vinyl floor is perfect for the bedroom, hallway or lounge. Adding an indulgent, warm feel to the room, the floor is packed full of incredible features. Luxurious yet affordable, it’s the number one choice for busy family homes on a budget. 

Features at a glance

As you’d expect from one of the leading flooring brands, the Karndean Palio Clic Vertralla floor comes with a list of great features. These include:

Exceptional warranty
Clic locking system
Easy maintenance
Impressive design
Underfloor heating compatible
Highly water resistant
PUR treated
Square edge profile

The warranty on this floor is unbelievable. You’ll receive a lifetime warranty, meaning with adequate care, this floor will last practically forever. That’s a pretty compelling reason to add it to the home. 

The floor is also fitted with the manufacturer’s Clic locking system. This means, even if you have zero floor fitting experience, you’ll still find this floor very easy to fit. The tiles simply lock into place, creating a strong bond with minimal effort. 

You’ll find the floor super-easy to maintain, requiring a daily sweep or hoover, along with a weekly mop. Wiping up any spills quickly will prevent staining, while adding entrance mats to the doorways will prevent you from dragging dirt and debris over the surface. 

In terms of design, this floor has a remarkable realistic wooden effect. It’s very difficult to tell it isn’t a wooden floor upon first glance. This is because Karndean use a precise, high-tech design and manufacturing process which produces the most realistic wood and stone designs. 

A couple of main benefits of the floor, is the fact that it can be installed with underfloor heating, plus it is highly water resistant. So, you can successfully install it within the bathroom for example, without fear over water damage. It is also highly resistant against other forms of damage which would be caused by everyday wear and tear. This is thanks to a strong PUR treatment, expertly protecting the floor’s surface. 

This floor features a square edge profile too. Once installed, this gives the floor a more seamless look, with no visible gaps. 

As you can see, there are so many great features and benefits of the Karndean Palio Clic range of luxury vinyl floors. The Vertralla is just one of many designs in this impeccable collection. Why not browse the entire range before deciding which floor is right for your home over at Lifestyle Flooring UK?