Have you ever fallen out of love with your home? 

Grown tired of the décor, the faded walls and the loose fittings?

It happens, but thankfully these feelings can easily be remedied. 

To help bring back that much need spark to your relationship with your house, here are eight terrific ways to make it more homely. 

1. Photos

If you have lots of bare walls in your home, putting up some photos is a great idea. With fabulous snaps of your nearest and dearest plastered on your walls, your house will immediately feel more comfortable. So dig out those dusty photo albums and pick out your best pics.  

2. Diffuser 

Your home shouldn’t just look fabulous, it should smell fab too. A diffuser is the perfect product for the job, releasing a fabulously fresh scent that satisfies the nostrils the moment you set foot in the room. Homeware stores such as Taskers stock a wide range of fragrances.

3. Pillows and throws

Pillows and throws bring an added level of comfort to the home and breathe new life into even the most dated and battered of furniture items. Sat on the sofa with a soft cushion supporting your back and a throw wrapped around you, you’ll feel more at home than ever. 

4. Painting  

Painting is a super-effective way of improving your home aesthetic. With a fresh coat of paint, your walls will look clean and pristine. And if you change up your colour scheme, you’ll feel as though you’ve moved to a new and improved home. 

5. Rug 

A soft rug that complements your colour scheme can add a lot of charm and make a gorgeous focal point for any room. And your feet will feel as though they’re in heaven as they brush across its soft surface – for inspiration, head to an online rug store such as The Rug Company

6. Mood Lighting 

Mood lighting is a fun and creative way to improve your household’s ambience. But don’t restrict yourself to plain old ceiling lights and table lamps, because features like under cupboard lighting are super cool too and can seriously enhance the character of your home. Not sure where to start? Head to a picture site such as Pinterest and put together a mood board. 

7. Plants

If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your home, plants make a nice decoration piece for pretty much any room. The benefits don’t stop there either, because according to news site EcoWatch, plants improve air quality, improve your mental health and boost your immune system. 

8. Doormat 

If you want your home to make a fabulous first impression on guests, a stylish doormat is exactly what you need. As well as looking great, a mat also protects you precious carpets from outside dirt and debris – you’ll find high quality products at an online mat store such as Kleen-Tex.

Follow these tips and you’ll have so much fun as you fall in love with your home all over again. 

That’s our list! Share your thoughts in the comments section.