The endless list of birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations each year can put a big drain on your budget. Rather than spending all the time on researching a good gift, and then all the money to buy it, you should consider making your own gifts. DIY creations are popular and appreciated these days, and you can customize them to suit the individual. Here are four favorite DIY gifts you can make at home. 

Scroll Letter Sign

Scroll lettering is in vogue right now, and its actually very easy to make on your own. An easy DIY gift is to make someone’s last name or wedding date for them.
Start by selecting a piece of wood to use as your backboard that you’ll mount the letters to. Cut it down into a rectangular shape, after planning out how the letters will fit. You can stain the wood or paint it, whatever your preference is. 

For cutting the letters, you’ll want to use a scroll saw that can cut tight curves. These types of saws are not hard to use, but you’ll need patience. Draw your lettering out on the wood before cutting, or print a pattern and firmly tape it to the wood. 

This gift looks really fancy, and is completely customized. 

Wood Serving Tray

For the hostest with the mostest in your life, give them a DIY serving tray. Made from wood, this style of tray is both elegant and functional. 

First and foremost, picking the correct type of wood is important. While you won’t necessarily be using the tray to cut on, you’ll still be applying water to it to clean. You don’t want a type of wood that is prone to warping or bending. Maple, birch, cherry, and oak are all great – solid, hard woods. 

Aim to have your serving tray between 2”-3” thick. Make sure to round out the corners and edges, and you can affix handles if you would like. For an industrial look, attach metal piping to the ends as handles. 

Classy Coasters

Every family is in need of coasters, and creating a unique set of wooden coasters is a great way to give someone a one-of-a-kind gift. 

Coasters come in all shapes and sizes, but some of the more classy versions involve using your scroll saw again. If you elect to create a set of coasters with ornate designs, use your scroll saw to cut out the pieces and make the curves.

Or, you can opt for a simpler design. Cut ends from logs and finish them with a stain for a classy look, or cut out shapes with a jigsaw and glue them together. 

Whatever design you come up with, make sure to seal the wood before you finish. Coasters hold condensation and moisture, and so you need to ensure that they are sealed before putting water on them. 

DIY Tool Kit

Perhaps the ultimate DIY gift is a DIY tool kit basket. While the irony isn’t lost on anyone, the fact is that it makes a great gift for the homemaker in your life. 

Depending on exactly who you are giving it to, you can cater this towards a DIY project basket or a DIY homemaker basket. For the project creator, some of classics to include are extension cords, power strip, duct tape, and WD-40. Add a small hammer and screwdriver in, along with a few other knick-knacks. 

For the DIY homemaker, dish soap, tape, tissue, hand soap, plastic silverware, and packaging tape round out the list of essentials. Really, you can just go through the aisles at the dollar store and add items that you think would be perfect to include.