Are you itching to shake up your home décor, but not sure where to start your quest for domestic transformation?

Worry no more – we’ve picked out four fabulously creative home design ideas for you to try. 

1. Wall art 

You could paint your walls in the most striking and vibrant of colours, but this still wouldn’t be as visually pleasing as decorating them with some wonderful wall art.

Wall art quite literally makes your walls pop by adding texture and depth and you can also use it to enhance your colour scheme by choosing frames, artworks and decorations that complement your colour scheme. 

When it comes to particular types, you can never go wrong with a nicely arranged photo wall created with canvas prints – this is a fresh, funky and impactful alternative to photo frames.

Tip:  Head to a social media site such as Pinterest to browse wall art ideas and create mood board. 

2. Kitchen covers

The kitchen is a popular room of choice for home design projects because it can add a lot of value to your home. However, there are much easier ways to revamp it than a complete replacment.  

For example, you can buy self-adhesive covers for your doors and cupboards and refresh your kitchen fast for a fraction of the cost, leaving you with more time to transform the other rooms in your home. 

Tip: For a better idea on how self-adhesive covers work, take a look at some YouTube tutorial videos.
3. Bookshelf

Whether you’re dedicated bookworm or a complete bibliophobe, your home is incomplete without a bookcase, because it serves intellectual and decorative purposes superbly. 

Think of a bookcase not just as a home for texts, but as a stage where you can display dazzling decorations such as ornaments, candles and vases. 

Long gone are the days where bookcases are plain rectangular rows of shelves because they now come in a variety of fun and adventurous shapes and styles. 

Tip: If you’re looking for a bookcase with character, home furniture store Made has a great selection of quirky pieces. 

4. Lighting 

Lighting often gets overlooked in the home because it’s seen as a practical rather than decorative element. However, it can have a powerful impact on the ambience of your house. 

Mood lighting is a good place to start – this involves experimenting with colour and brightness to create a distinct mood and feel for each room within your home. 

Changing up your light fittings will also help enhance the character of your household and wire track lighting is a stylish and practical choice. These long lines of lights are perfect for large rooms and extensive hallways because they allow you to equally distribute light across a room.   

Tip: For sound advice on the wire applications in the home, speak to a wire specialist such as Ormiston Wire

Follow these four terrific tips and your home will become next level fabulous. 

If you’re a little stuck for ideas, you can always browse interior design ideas websites for inspiration

That’s our list! Share your home design ideas in the comments section.