Rugs play a significant role in enhancing the looks and feel of a room. 

Although rugs in living rooms are not essential, they are recommended in minimalist settings to add a missing layer of cosiness and make the place feel like home. 

They will soften the ambience and simply update the look of your living room when used in the right way. 

A quality area rug can hide all the wear and tear and the tired-looking feeling of the room and freshen its appearance. 

Modern area rugs are quick and easy updates for every living room. That's why you need to invest in a quality living room rug for your home. 

Here are some of the best modern living room rug ideas for your home.

Pompom Rugs
Braided Area Rugs
Basic Knitting Rugs
Woven Rugs
Felt Stone Rugs

Pompom Rugs


Pompom rugs are amongst the most festive and playful rug ideas for your living room. 

There are Pompom rugs created by using multiple pom-poms in bright and appealing colours. 

Pompom rugs will make your feet feel like they are already on cloud nine. These rugs are so comfortable for your feet. 

Once they feel the softness of this area rug, your feet will thank you. That's why you need to invest in Pompom rugs for your living room.

Braided Area Rugs

Braided area rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas in your home or office. 

These rugs are ideal for your living room because they are designed to match your style and suit your needs. 

You have hundreds of appealing and eye-catching patterns to choose from. 

A braided rug can pull an entire room together and make your house feel like a home. 

Basic Knitting Rugs

Knitting rugs are another popular option for your living room. There are different types of knitting rugs on the market for you to choose from. 

Knit rugs with neutral tones are great for your living space. They are the perfect backdrop for any modern space. 

The striking texture is the main highlight of these rugs. 

Woven Rugs

Accent your living room with a woven rug. You can decorate the area inside out with a colourful woven rug that suits your taste and budget. 

These are some of the best rugs for living rooms. Woven rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas in your home. 

Make sure you invest in a quality woven rug for your living room.

Felt Stone Rugs

Felt stone rugs are another popular option for your living space. Felt stone rugs come in different colours, styles, patterns, and materials for you to choose from. 

So there we have it. A few different rug ideas to help you out when it comes to selecting the best rug for your home.

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