Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious kitchen. Sometimes you move to houses where the kitchen is so small that you can’t fit more than two people. But it is still possible to make the kitchen look spacious. Here’s how:

1) Use walls efficiently

Kitchens usually have a variety of pots that you don’t know where to keep. They take up a lot of space, making the kitchen look smaller than it actually is. Instead of leaving them as they are, use the wall to hang them. Install hooks on the sides of cabinets and walls to hang these clunky items. They not only become easier to grab but also look stylish.

2) Install gas strut windows

Installing gas strut windows on the kitchen’s front wall will make it more spacious. It allows more light into the kitchen, making it look brighter. You can also install custom curtains on it to control the amount of light coming in. Gas strut windows are usually foldable. You can use one of the parts as a counter and keep a variety of kitchen items like cups, mugs, and small utensils. They come in a variety of colors. So, you can choose one according to the wall color of the kitchen.

3) Use cabinets strategically

List all the day to day items in the kitchen. This will help use your cabinets strategically. Ideally, you should keep the essential utensils in one cabinet, the ingredients, and spices in another, and occasionally-used items in a separate cabinet. It is best if you install risers in every cabinet. This helps you utilize the cabinet space better. 

4) Install a folding bench

Do you always cramp for room while having breakfast in the kitchen? If yes, then you should install a breakfast nook bench by the window. They come in folding variants. So, select one that connects just below the window and folds to stand aligned with the wall. Install white sheer curtains on the window to filter in soft light while maintaining privacy. You will not focus on fighting for space anymore. Instead, you will enjoy your breakfast every day.

5) File your platters

Filing organizers save tons of space in the kitchen. Most people tend to lie cutting boards, trays, and serving platters flat. This will only take space that you can use for various other purposes. If there is space to install narrow, vertical cabinets, make sure you also have a filing organizer inside. It will contain the items that you can otherwise keep vertically.

6) Nestle the utensils

Spoons and forks tend to lie here and there, making the kitchen look clustered. And, a clustered kitchen looks smaller than what it is. Nestling the utensils will make your tiny kitchen spacious enough. Instead of keeping the utensils randomly, keep them nestled one above the other. You can keep spoons and forks nestled according to their size in a cabinet.

Organizing your kitchen can work wonders if you want to make it look spacious. Some of these ideas are nothing but helping your organizing skills. Follow them, and you will understand how much space you saved.