Technology has made life easier and fun for all of us. Smart devices aim to save us time and effort and offer fast solutions to daily problems. Here are seven essential smart devices you must have in your custom home design.

1. Smart Home Hubs and Speakers

Smart Home Hubs enable you to control other smart devices in your house such as thermostats, locks, doorbells, etc. Most of them come with Voice Assistants that perform the tasks you tell them via Smart Speakers. 

Amazon Echo, powered by voice assistant Alexa, is dominating global smart speaker sale as the image below shows.


2. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems let you switch your lights on or off anytime. They also enable you to control the brilliance and intensity of the lighting system in your home.  They help you conserve energy. The 27% predicted growth rate of smart lighting globally means that more people are beginning to realize their benefits.

Studies reveal Philips and Lifx as the major players in the smart lighting field currently.

3. Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats allow you to increase or decrease the temperature of your surroundings, create a weekly cooling and heating schedule, modify the schedule and switch the system on or off. Some smart thermostats also track your daily schedule and set the temperature according to your preference.

Research indicates Nest Thermostat E as the best smart thermostat in the market right now. The info graphic below depicts the benefits of smart thermostats.


4. Smart Lock

Smart locks don’t need keys and let you open your house door with a numeric keypad or an app on your smartphone. You just have to set up a unique access code on installation. Smart locks enable you to get rid of the hassle of carrying keys. You can also open your house door for guests remotely from your smartphone app if they have reached your home before you.

Research shows August by Amazon to be one of the best smart locks available at present, possessing a wide range of features.

5. Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell tells you who is at the door of your house even when you aren’t home. It comes with features such as live streaming, two-way communication and WiFi capability that makes tracking of visitors to your home possible.

This image shows the market share of video doorbell brands that dealers are offering.


6. Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums can clean the house for you even in your absence. They let you do more fun things by taking over the tedious task of removing dirt from your floor. They are must-have smart devices for your home if you want to have a spick and span home.

Studies rank Shark Ion R85 as the best robot vacuum in 2019.

7. Smart Water Sensor

Smart water sensors can detect water leaks in the house and alert you immediately. They save time and money for homeowners. They are a vital component of your shiny new smart home. Research reveals Flo as the best water leak detector system presently.

The image below shows the forecasted global growth of water sensor and controller markets.


Armed with knowledge of the best smart devices, you are now on your way to designing the best ever home. Many home builders including Ironwood Custom Builders help you design your home just the way you want.