Nobody likes a dusty home. It is common to spend hours on cleaning and scrubbing until the house is spotless and clean. However, we, as human beings, love to take short cuts. And why not? If something can be done easily with a fraction of the effort, why wait for that to happen? This can work in the same way with your home too. Here are seven smart and efficient ways of making your home dust-proof:

1. Rugged And Deep

Deep clean your rugs and mattresses. These are deposits of all the dirt and dust that people bring in with their feet. Cleaning the mattresses and rugs regularly can keep out quite a bit of dust away from your home. You should clean it up at regular intervals of time and when you manage to wash other pieces of coarse fabric.

2. Clean Your Curtains And Cushions

Your curtains and cushions need to remain clean. Fine layers of dust remain and pile on the soft covers of the fabric. This can make them appear dull and colorless. All you need to do is wipe them from time to time, so the dust slips away before it can settle down onto the cloth. And just to make things sure, why don’t you wash them with the rest of your garments, once every while?

3. Change Your Furnace Filter

You must replace your furnace filter. With time, it is natural that this part of your kitchen set up will have acquired quite a lot of dust. This will seep out and settle not only onto the cooking apparatus below the furnace, but also around, making your meals unhygienic and undesirable to consume. To prevent this, make sure you replace your filter from time to time!

4. Change Your Bedding

You surely want clean and fresh bedding to sleep on. Unless you enjoy sleeping on a dusty bed, you should invest in bedding. Now, there is no requirement to purchase a new piece of bedding every week, but you may do so after a decent interval of time. Make sure you manage to wash your bedding properly and keep it from turning soiled and dull. That is when you know you need an urgent replacement.

5. Remove Upholstered Furniture

Try to be clever with your furniture. You should get only the stuff which will not accumulate dust. Upholstered furniture does not fall under this category. Though you may appreciate this kind, you need to upgrade to a better and more manageable set. Try furniture made of ply for example - its affordable and lasts quite a lot. It is also easy to clean.

6. Doors And Windows

Remember that the amount of dust accumulating in your house is dependent on how long you keep your doors and windows open for the elements. While we all appreciate a bit of warmth and sunlight in our rooms, you need to limit the length of time for which you keep doors and windows open. Do remember to tidy up the rooms at least once a day!

7. Keep Lighter Stuff Around

Do not keep very heavy or thick fabric around the house if you do not need them. Dust is notorious because it accumulates in such places and then ends up staying on for long. You need to bring these materials out only when you need to. Unless of course, you find great joy in cleaning up very often. 

As you see, it isn’t very difficult to try and keep your house spotlessly clean. You need to invest the minimum required effort and with that, you should be able to process smart ideas into your housework. If you can work that out, you shall soon be completing your household chores with ease!