It is not a secret that buying the old property is much cheaper. If you also move into an old house, don’t cry your eyes out since there are so many ways how you can make it look modern. The best thing is that you don’t need to hire dozens of experts to help you with that. You just need a few weekends and a trusted person who will support and entertain you during the whole working process.

That’s what you can do to improve the condition of your place:

Bright it

If you want to make your home a  happier place, bright it! To do so, you can buy sheer white curtains and place colourful plants next to the window. Make sure to keep big items away from windows, so it will not block the sunlight. 

To maximize light in your room, use only white LED bulbs. Ideally, you should have at least three light sources in your living room and bedroom. Find some online lamps that will match with other items in your room (e.g., curtains, pillows, furniture, etc.).

A big wall mirror is another crucial detail in modern interior decoration. It will help you catch more light and make your room look bigger. Don’t hesitate to use several mirrors at once. 

Paint it

A first step would be to remove old wallpaper. Painting your rooms will help revamp the whole space of your house. Consider painting the walls, trim, and ceiling white colour. Your place will visually look bigger and brighter. You can also paint your ceiling a dark colour so it will look higher. 

Also, feel free to add colourful furniture, plants, or pillows. Another great thing is that you can do painting all by yourself. In case you want something colourful, try different shades such as pale green, magic purple, cream dream, beachy bedroom, or bright yellow. 

Add some art

Consider adding some art to your living room or bedroom. You can support local artists by buying their art pieces; print something you like or create an artwork yourself. Don’t forget to put it in a good quality frame. If you are not a big fan of art, print favourite photos of yourself and your loved ones and put them on the wall. 

Upgrade furniture

There are two ways to go about old furniture. First of all, you can get rid of it by donating it to a local theatre or charity. Also, you can find future owners on the Internet. Investing in quality furniture is always an excellent idea. However, if you don’t want to pay a fortune, you can always paint your old furniture white or put some high-quality covers on your sofa and chairs. Check out consignment shops, estate sales, and second-hand shops to find some elegant pieces of furniture for your house. 

Add built-in furniture

Minimalism is a pretty popular direction in modern decor. A lot of people want to ‘have less, be more.’ However, it’s not always possible; we need a lot of things to feel comfortable and be happy. A built-in closet can help you store all your stuff and keep your room clean. 

To save space in your house, find built-in furniture for your kitchen and living room. Keep in mind, this kind of furniture can be overwhelming in small rooms. 

Avoid carpets

If you want to make your house look modern, keep it simple. You should get rid of all the carpets since they are difficult to maintain. Also, they contain toxic chemicals and can cause an allergic reaction. Take a look at modern flooring ideas such as hardwood bamboo floors, concrete, cork flooring or graphic black and white.

Work on details

Show your taste by adding details to your house. For example, you can create an unusual rod for curtains ( out of branch or rope). Also, add ties to make your curtains look interesting (you can use a rope, belt, or necklace). 

If you have a big TV in the middle of the room, add a colourful frame around it and hide TV wires. You can even make your outlets look unique by adding colourful cases.

There is no such thing as an old house; some houses  just need cleaning, renovation, and creativity. The saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in one day’  should also apply to your home. There is no need to buy all the necessary items on the same day since redecorating is always expensive. Take it slowly; and in a few months you will wake up in a beautiful, modern house.