It is common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle is really bad for health. People who sit and work for most of their day have a high risk of being obese which increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and depression.

Now, people cannot stop working but how about incorporating an active way of working in the office?

The main problem is not the work people do but the posture in which they work which is sitting the entire day that hardly helps in burning any calories. Luckily, standing desk is becoming quite popular in all workplaces which breaks the monotony of sitting by adding a bit to standing to help the body to be more active.

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is nothing but an adjustable height desk which allows you to both sit-down and stand up comfortably while working which gives impressive health benefits and also increases productivity.

Benefits of Standing Desk:

1. Burns more Calories than Sitting:

Sitting and working the entire day hardly burns any calories whereas simply choosing to stand and work can be beneficial as you will burn more calories every day which will help in boosting your metabolism lowering the risk of obesity and related medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

2. Reduces Back Pain

One of the maximumrecordedcommon complaints Americans have is back pain mainly due to prolonged office hours. Numerous studies have been performed to determine if a standing desk can reduce back pain in adults. A study published by CDC confirms that 54% of upper back and neck pain was reduced just in 4 weeks by the use of a standing desk. Furthermore, removal of the sit-stand desk negated the improvements in 2 weeks. With the above study by CDC, it is clear that a standing desk can really help in preventing, reducing or eliminating back pain.

3. Elevates Mood and Energy Levels:

It has been observed that standing desks influence the workers in a positive way making them feel energetic and stress-free.

A 7-week study was conducted with participants using standing desks. It was observed that the standing participants reported less fatigue and more energetic the entire day at work than those who continued to be seated at work.

At the end of 7 weeks it was observed that;

87% felt more comfortable, 87% felt energized, 75% felt healthier, 71% felt more focused, 66% felt more productive, 62% felt happier, and 33% felt less stressed as a result of having the sit-stand device installed at their workstations.

But once they returned to their old sitting work position, their mood went back to original levels.

4. Boosts Productivity:

People who are interested in getting a standing desk to benefit from its health benefits are concerned about the reduction in their productivity due to the concern in the ability to do daily tasks such as typing. 

Working in a standing posture may take some time to get used to, but it is a fresh break from the monotony of sedentary work culture. Also, the reduction in back, neck and shoulder pain along with the energy boost will further increase your productivity and reduce the stress.

We would not go to the extent of telling you that getting a sit-stand desk alone can get rid of all health risks, of course you need to maintain a healthy diet and be active day to day by adding a workout regime to achieve a healthy body and eliminate health hazards but using a sit-stand desk  from at the very least can negate the adverse and damaging consequences of excessively sitting in a day.