Staying informed of the latest interior finish trends, and the ones that are likely to appear in 2020 and beyond is a useful thing to do.  In this way, a client who requests a marble encased entrance hall or eco-friendly wood panels won’t take you by surprise. Here is a list of the latest interior finishes and trends most likely to become all the rage in the next few years.

Statement Ceilings

For the last few years, statement walls have been a frequently requested interior addition. 2019 and 2020 will be the year of statement ceilings. Not since the roaring 20s nearly one hundred years ago has there been any interest shown in having beautiful ceilings. Now, renovating the ceiling in the sitting area or dining room is seen as a highly desirable interior finish. 

Preferences include vivid painted colors, wool-flocked wallpapers, and shaped or pressed-iron decorative panels. This is often a good time for the homeowner to strip down other parts of the house and redo spray insulation as well. This costing can be easily calculated by using insulation estimating software. 

Unique Design Materials And Finishes

An upcoming trend is to use unique finishes and materials to complement décor and furniture. For instance, perhaps, ripping out dark brown woods and replacing it with marble in kitchens and bathrooms. Clients will also need to be advised on suitable light fittings, and power outlet socket shields will fit in best with their new room design. 

Other natural materials that are sure to become just as popular as marble include granite, copper, concrete, and stone. It may be a good idea to check out suppliers of these materials in advance. Don't forget to get prices and availability of matching fittings at the same time. Simultaneously, clients may be interested in making room in the house for future technological developments in home computer systems and entertainment (audio and video) installations. 


In both residential and commercial buildings, the acoustics are going to be prioritized and one of the most critical components of ambiance. Materials and products that specialize in combatting distracting sounds and noise pollution are going to be all the rage. Installing products that enhance peace and quiet and eliminate poor sound quality will escalate in the next few years.

In commercial buildings, the workplace is likely to be even more active and noisy than ever before. Kitting out staff in noise canceling headphones is not a good long-term solution. Instead, the entire interior environment will be adapted for tranquil acoustics. Walls will be layered or coated in materials that stop outside noises from penetrating.

The open plan office space is not going to disappear. There will be designated rooms for silence, away from the hustle and bustle of ringing phones and video conferencing. 

Interior finishes in the future will blend innovative technology and robust construction methods to create spaces that will represent the very best of what both industries can offer.