It’s necessary to renovate your home every couple of years to repair everything that needs to be repaired and perform renovations to add value to it. This is even something you need to consider if you plan the property in the future. Renovations, in particular, are important to prevent further damage to the parts of your home that might need some repairs. More importantly, it boosts the curb appeal of your home. 

Before you carry out home improvement ideas, you have to understand how to add value to your home and which projects to carry out. It can be as simple as expanding your kitchen or as complicated as converting your attic into a loft. You also need to decide whether to do these renovations yourself or ask professional builders Southend. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider in choosing the type of renovation that you will carry out on your home and, of course, the top on your list should be the budget. How much are you willing to spend for renovations?

Here are some home improvement ideas:

1. Upgrade your décor

Most of the time during a renovation, people will overlook what type of furnishings they will implement. Décor and furniture will finish off your renovation and ensure you get the maximum value out of your renovation if you were planning to sell. Not only that but it’s important to have the correct décor to ensure it matches with your colour scheme of your floors, walls and everything else in your room. Once you choose the correct furniture, most people will overlook floor rugs. It’s important to finish off with a floor rug under most of your furniture, especially if you have hardwood floors. You can check this amazing store we discovered for any of our readers that are in Australia, or anywhere really if you’re looking for rug inspiration.
2. Fix Structural Problems 

Before applying home improvement ideas, it’s important to fix structural problems first. It doesn’t make sense to have your walls repainted if there are leaks on your roof.

Here are examples of structural problems that need to be taken cared of:

Leaking or sagging roof
Broken or missing roof tiles
Insect infestation
Missing tiles
Cracks on walls
Rising damp
Collapsed slab or floor

3. Upgrade Your HVAC System

Old houses don’t usually have a central heating system, while many others have outdated systems that need to be upgraded. Upgrading your HVAC system will definitely add value to your home. Plus, it will improve the energy efficiency. Old air conditioners consume a lot of energy, therefore resulting to higher energy bills. 

To further improve the energy efficiency in your home, you would also need to do the following:

Add insulation in the attic or loft
Replace windows that cannot be repaired with double glazing
Seal drafts around the windows and doors

4. Update Wiring and Plumbing System

Check the wiring and plumbing before painting your walls or changing your tiles. Changing the wiring and plumbing system would require you to lift floors and chase out plaster walls.

It is important to update electrics, especially if your house hasn’t been rewired for years. If you have an old fuse box by the meter, it’s a sign that you need to rewire your house and have a modern consumer unit with a residual circuit device installed for safety. Once you do rewiring, you can also update the lighting.

If your pipework is old, it can affect the flow of hot and cold water, you may hear rattling or knocking sounds, and it might lead to burst pipes. You need to have it changed immediately.

5. Convert Your Garage or Loft

Converting your garage or your loft may cost a lot, but it will definitely add value to your home. By doing this, you add extra space as well. You can turn this space into a bedroom, a library, a gym, a storage room, or whatever you may wish.

6. Fix Defects

Fix all the defects that affect the aesthetics of your home, such as peeling paint, squeaky stairs or floors, loose tiles, broken or damaged windows, cracks on the ceiling, sewer smells, moulds, etc. A potential buyer wouldn’t want to buy a house with these small defects.

7. Kitchen Makeover

You can redesign your kitchen or replace your entire kitchen. A nice kitchen is attractive to potential buyers. Renovating your kitchen doesn’t need to cost a lot.

8. Upgrade Your Bathroom

Potential buyers take into consideration how clean, big, and nice the bathrooms are inside a house. Repaint the walls with a light shade and ensure that there is adequate light inside. You can also upgrade the showers and add a little bit of luxury by adding a vase and changing the containers into luxurious looking ones. Make sure that the tiles are clean.

9. Redesign Your Garden

A beautiful garden is attractive to potential home buyers. Making your garden cozy will definitely add value to your home. You can add fences, some trees, and flowers. If your garden is big enough, you can add an area for eating or for barbecue. Think of it as a cozy hangout for family and friends.

There are a lot of renovations that you can do to your home. Always start with structural repairs to save a lot of money and time. These damages could get worse and there’s no point in cosmetically renovating your home if you would have to remove paint or flooring anyway because of the repairs.