What better way for your children to enjoy their summer vacation than taking a plunge into the swimming pool? Taking a dip will surely keep your children refreshed when it becomes really warm during the summer.

Unfortunately, swimming pools pose many hazards both for children and pets. You surely have heard and read news about accidental drowning. Parents and guardians won’t have their eyes on the kids the whole time, which is why these accidents happen. So what can you do? 

You need to take the necessary precautions to make your swimming pool children- and pet-friendly. Here are some ideas to make sure that your pool is completely safe even when you’re not looking.

Build a Swimming Pool Fence

The most effective way to keep your pool safe is to build a pool fence. This is to keep your children away from the pool when you’re not nearby to supervise them. The ideal fence must open outward and must be away from the swimming pool area. It should also latch and close automatically.

If you’re worried about how it will affect the appearance of your pool, you can go for glass fences. They are equally durable and still fully functional. You just have to make sure that the glass used is of high-quality. Also, make sure that they are secured with stainless steel glass spigots to keep them in place. This will also help the glass fences endure certain conditions, like heavy rain and wind.

Get Rid of the Diving Board

Many swimming pool accidents involve the diving board. Even if you know how to use it, there’s still a chance you’ll slip and get into an accident. Moreover, it poses a lot of hazards for children and pets. It’s like inviting them to come and take a dive to the pool. Children love adventures and using the diving board is definitely one. 

Also, if you have a pool slide, you should also think about taking it down. Children love playing and the slide is a favorite. Ditching the pool slide will mean fewer temptations for your children to go to the pool area unsupervised.

Setup an Alarm System

Installing alarm systems is further protection when you’re not keeping an eye on your children and pets. You can install an alarm that will alert you once the pool gates open. There is also an underwater pool alarm system that will detect pool activity. It utilizes motion sensors to recognize wave activity each time someone jumps or falls into the pool. Either of these alarm systems is useful, but if it’s within your budget, getting both is ideal.

Have Rescue Equipment and First Aid Kit Available

Having a first aid kit will keep you ready in case an accident does happen. Even when you’re nearby, accidents, like slipping and falling, is still possible. A rescue tube or life ring will come in handy if there’s accidental slipping. First aid kits are useful when there’s an injury, like hitting the head on a hard surface. This will keep things under control until you have access to medical assistance.

Another device you should consider getting is a kiddie lock made from stainless steel casting in China. This is to make sure that doors leading to the pool area are securely locked and children have no way of unlocking it.

Perform Daily Inspection

Always remember to inspect the entire pool area thoroughly. This is for you to keep watch if there are elements that can cause accidents, like slip hazards. Make sure to check the drain covers as well. You may not be aware of it, but they could lead to harmful situations if they are not maintained properly. There shouldn’t be any missing screws and cracks.

Let Your Children Learn to Swim

Many people don’t see the importance of it, but teaching your kids to swim is the most effective way to prevent drowning. It’s not completely drown-proof, but it will help children have more time until help comes along.

Set Swimming Pool Rules

Another way of preventing children and pets from playing near the pool area when you’re not around is imposing pool rules. Make a list of rules and be strict with it. Make sure that they follow it. Eventually, it will become a habit or practice, and they will no longer go near the pool without your consent.