Car vent tabs are known to break. It happens a lot, and the reason this happens the most is because the horizontal louver ends up breaking or falling off. The next thing you know, you can’t control your air vent anymore. Just about every time, you would end up having to take your car to a shop. Want to know a big secret? They’re not spending the hundreds of dollars they charge you for replacing the part. They buy vent tabs wholesale from manufacturers for merely a few dollars, and then place that on your car. So why not just do it yourself? In this article, we’re going to explain other reasons why you should think about replacing air vent tabs yourself.

Vent Tabs
Vent Tabs has a store in which they are constantly getting great deals so you can buy vent clip replacements yourself. Why? Because it isn’t right that you have to spend a fortune to have a 1-inch piece of plastic replaced on your air vent. It does happen a lot though. Therefore, the owner and creator of Vent Tabs decided that he wanted to stop this unfairness. You can literally find numerous replacement vent tabs that are available, and many are actually universal to your make and model of car. For example, even though some are made for one vehicle, you may be able to find that it also fits your vehicle of a different model. That being said, it’s important to shop around on the site and find out what’s compatible with your vehicle.

What to Realize When Replacing Vent Tabs Yourself
The biggest problem that people don’t realize is that vent tab replacements are made for functionality. At the same time, you can choose a vent tab to match your dashboard’s color (aside from just black), and if it’s available, you can order that one. And there are numerous products that you can choose from as well. When you’re replacing vent tabs yourself, you need to make sure your vent is clear of debris (often left by broken louvers), and if there are other half broken vent louvers, you want to remove those first. 

Another thing that people commonly mistake (Vent Tabs doesn’t have hardly any negative reviews, but this is something often found when people use the DIY method) is that they can put the clip replacement anywhere. You can’t do this. You must put it centered so you can control the vertical vent louvers as well as make sure it’s not on the bottom. What’s the point of putting a vent tab replacement on the bottom rung so you can’t move your air vent down?

Conclusion: They Can Be Costly
If you order from other manufacturers, sure, you could spend twenty dollars or more. But for about half that price you can go to a site like and end up having the same quality product to ensure that your vent operates smoothly. If they don’t have your make and model, simply fill out the form that they have available to request a vent tab for your make and model of vehicle.