You bought the best outdoor chairs last season, and they have really helped you enjoy the benefits that come with outdoor living. Additionally, they have spruced up your outdoor space, and have transformed your once simple patio into a haven everyone who comes to your home wants to be associated with.

But the season when you can stay outside doesn't last. Winter has to fall every year, and this is the time you need to protect your outdoor furniture. If you don't, then prepare a few thousand dollars that you will use to replace it. Even if your furniture is made with the sturdiest materials in the market such as cast iron and hardwood, the climatic condition during winter are too much to bear, and this is why you need to adopt a few protective measures that will ensure the chairs and tables you worked hard to buy serve you for a few more seasons before they demand a major repairs and replacement.

If you have been looking for ways to protect your outdoor furniture during winter without success, you have come to the right place. Read on!

Clean it up

Before you think of doing anything else to your furniture, make sure it is sparkling clean. If you decide to store it as it is, the dirt might attract mold growth, which will, in turn, damage your expensive furniture and render it useless. This will cost you money and frustration.

To mitigate this, give your outdoor furniture a thorough scrub before you store it. You can use plain water if the dirt is not too much. For a more enhanced wash on materials such as mesh, wicker, wrought iron, and plastic, use a solution of water and dish soap. For wooden surfaces, you can use a formulated cleanser which will not only leave your furniture spotless but also condition the wood for added protection.

Add extra protection

Harsh winter weather can be unforgiving to outdoor furniture even if you store it in a good garage or basement. Since the last thing you want is to check it out a few weeks into storage and find a layer of mold on it, adding a layer of polish or wax before packing it for storage is the wisest decision you can make.

There are some sources of information that will discourage you from taking this step because it isn’t necessary, but if you want to keep your outdoor furniture looking as good as new until the next season, this is a protective measure you should not overlook.

Cover it up

The reason why most homeowners find their outdoor furniture damaged even after storing them in a garage or shed is because they leave it uncovered for the entire season. Therefore, moisture, dust, and other foreign elements attack it; hence causing wear and tear with time. 

If you have a budget, you can acquire furniture designated covers, or you can use large protective fabrics or designated covers to make your own covers.

In case you don’t have enough storage for your furniture and you have to leave it outside, ensure that the covers you use on them are weather resistant and can withstand harsh elements. 

Bring it inside

Some pieces of furniture are too picturesque, and the thought of hiding them in a garage for a whole season doesn't make a lot of sense. So, why not bring it inside?

If you took your time and purchased outdoor furniture that complements your style, then there is no reason why it should not look as good in your living room as it does in your yard.

Outdoor furniture is a serious investment; hence you should do everything you can to protect it. If you use this post as your ultimate guide, then you can rest assured that the pieces you have will help you enjoy outdoor living for seasons on end!