There are several ways in which you can do your work, like in the office, in a café, or at home. However, various opinions differ in terms of prioritizing a certain location for you to work. While evaluating the best and worst places, you will determine where the best site for you to work is.

In this article, you will read the advantages and disadvantages of employees working in an open space versus the cabinet system.

Advantages of Working in an Open Space
To work in an environment where you do not have any restrictions, and you do your job with all the necessities you require – is what everyone wants. Yet, being a freelancer is not something you can become rich from. However, the advantages of working in an open environment include the ability to work as much as you can without any territorial restraints. That means that if you cannot travel to a location on an everyday basis due to having children, you may enjoy working in an open space.
Disadvantages of Working in an Open Space
Certain employers do not welcome having their employees working from home. The reasons vary, for example, cybersecurity could be breached, and some workers will not get the necessary push to get the extra work done. Additionally, if you want to ask for advice or talk to a co-worker about your project, you will need to do it through emails or phone.

The open space type of working environment may surely prove to be enjoyable, but since the offices started to become popular in the late 1950s, people realizing that they do more work in a segregated environment.

Advantage of Working in the Cabinet System
The priorities that you will get by working in the cabinet system are quite clear. You will be able to develop your skills faster by cooperating with your employees and asking questions from the skilled workers. In addition, you will have the ability to socialize with your colleagues and maybe find friends.

The management is also eager to organize certain activities to boost the relations within the office staff, for example, by sponsoring nights out in a local bar or pub. This way, you will be able to discuss any issue outside of the office without any occupational restrains. Therefore, the cabinet system has clear advantages of bringing the office staff together and increasing cooperation.

Disadvantages of Having to Work in the Office
As you might have read the disadvantage of working in a cabinet system will include segregation and constant monitoring. The shortcomings from this way of working may be shown in the productivity of the employees. In addition, creativity is forced, and people are not developing ideas by their initiative. Therefore, this way of working may suppress the workers’ productivity unless the office managers give regular rewards.

Indeed, when you are working in a segregated building, you will have no other choice but to do your job efficiently. Yet, certain studies prove that people are more willing to do their job if they are free to determine their amount of workload. Plus, if you are to start a business, you can always save money on rent by hiring your staff remotely and assigning them duties accordingly.

There are various types of employees that would favor one and oppose the other. For example, a person with kids will rather stay and work at home while doing his or her job. Yet, the quality of work could be questioned as the remote employees could be too busy watching the kids while working for your company. Because of this, a lot of companies prefer to allocate their staff in a certain room and make sure they complete a set amount of work daily.

Overall, you can be a manager of a business who wants to experiment with your staff by giving them the ability to work whenever they like. Or, you can be an employee that prefers to work with his dear colleagues. There is always a choice in this competitive world, as depending on your preferences you are the boss of your decisions.

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