Many people will agree when we say that it’s a great feeling to be able to treat oneself after working so hard on achieving something. A new phone, fancy jewelry, or heck – even a sports car will often be on most people’s radar as splurges to make for a job well done. Celebrities, however, take it one notch higher by putting their money into a really luxurious multimillion dollar home. And why shouldn’t they, after working so many long hours on the set of widely successful films and other ventures? And now, here are some of the best ones we’ve seen around. Who knows – one day you just might hit the jackpot and find yourself with the means to purchase one of these beauties! And if not, it sure is fun to have a quick look at all the amazing details of these luxurious celebrity homes.

1. Elvis Presley. Back in 1962, Look Magazine dubbed Elvis Presley’s honeymoon house as “The House of Tomorrow” the 5,000 square foot mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada had architecture accomplished by William Krisel, the famous modernist architect. Its theme is futuristic, and more than half a century later it still looks like it is indeed a home of the future thanks to its pool terrace, glass walls, and other ultramodern elements. Elvis fans will tell you that another special fact about their idol’s home is that it’s called honeymoon house because that is where he and Priscilla conceived their celebrity daughter Lisa Marie Presley. Don’t be surprised to find a random Elvis fan or two admiring this beautiful home on any given day!

2. Celine Dion. The world-renowned singer’s 20,000 square foot mansion on Jupiter Island in Florida is a spectacle to behold. It was sold for the staggering amount of $28 million in 2017. This luxury celebrity home has 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms and is known for its enthusiastic use of glass walls that take in that bright Floridian sunshine quite easily. The mansion is Bahamas-inspired and is known for the amazing water park that is included in the property. True to form, the theme revolves around the water element with two swimming pools, two fantastic slides, its own river, water cannons aplenty and a tree house to top it off. This water park requires 500,000 gallons of water to run – which fits in quite nicely in a celebrity utility budget!

3. Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926 and passed away on August 5, 1962 because of barbiturate overdose). The sultry Miss Monroe surely knows how to be iconic – from her signature pose all the way to the only home she has ever purchased, which is where that famed kidney-shaped swimming pool where the sexy actress used to swim in is. This neat piece of Hollywood celebrity real estate is miniscule compared to behemoths at 2,624 square feet in size. It is located in Brentwood Los Angeles, and fetched $7.25 million back in 2017. While not being as big as many luxury celebrity homes, Monroe successfully gave it a glamorous vibe in the few short months she lived in it before she decided to take her own life. The home is pretty much a reflection of her time in the spot light – short lived yet breathtaking.

4. Ellen DeGeneres. Most people know Ellen as a woman who’s got such high energy! A quick peek into her home could clue you in on how she is able to relax and recharge from the hustle and bustle of her successful career. Her 10,500 square foot home in Montecito, California Hill provides the best view of the oceans and mountains, which will surely calm any frazzled mind and sooth the senses with a picturesque view of nature. Currently on sale for the price of $39.5 million, it also includes a tennis court and a beautiful pool that’s the perfect backdrop to sunshine-y California. The home has undergone redecorations to give it a more relaxed vibe, complete with marble and stone elements as well as handmade wrought iron windows for that homey charm.

5. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. We know quite a few women who look up to Jackie O as the premiere style icon – and her McLean, Northern Virginia mansion is a reflection of her grace. Currently on sale for the price of $49.5 million, this 23,000 square feet residence is the picture of breeding, which few people like Jackie O have. Done in the classic Georgian style, it includes lush gardens and a charming terrace that offers a breathtaking view of a river. The former first lady surely knows how to build a stylish and presidentiable home that’s as refined and elegant as she is, with luxury elements such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a tennis court to boot. If you want to channel Jackie O in terms of interior design, you will surely find much inspiration in photos of her home to make little tweaks in yours.

6. Johnny Carson. The late Johnny Carson became famous for being one of the most popular late night TV show hosts, and he certainly invested a lot of his hard-earned cash on a fantastic properly off Point Dume in Malibu. The 174,240 square feet home is currently on sale for the price of $81.5 million, which includes a fantastic sea view. While a lot of celebrity homes have this feature, Carson’s property is a cut above the rest thanks to its cliff-top location which makes the house look like it should belong on a post card. The house itself is known for the high glass walls which allow you a perfect view of the Pacific Ocean – from anywhere inside the home! This property includes a waterfall and an outdoor pond, as well as indoor landscaping that allows it to blend in perfectly with its natural environment.

7. Aaron Spelling. La Manor is what this widely successful TV producer’s home is called – and with 56,000 square feet, it’s definitely an appropriate name. Spelling’s home (where he also died in back in 2006 at the ripe old age of 83) even has its own Wikipedia page. La Manor was built in 1988 and cost the producer $12 million to build. It’s at the top of the most expensive luxury homes list, with a valuation of $150 million. This home is done in a decidedly French chateau style which radiates elegance through and through. Even though the property has been purchased by someone else, people still call it ‘Spelling’s Manor’.

8. Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda’s home in Beverly Hills Trousdale Estates, California, is a testament to her popularity as one of the most prolific exercise icons back in the day. The 7,100 square feet property, which is currently on sale for $9.995 million, has a lot of glass elements common to most celebrity homes. However, hers is done in a way that makes the huge mansion look wonderfully airy and especially glamorous when lit up at night. The property also includes a pavilion with a beautiful fire pit and an outdoor meditation garden. 

9. Taylor Swift. This young star isn’t only a style icon for her clothes but for her home as well. Taylor Swift’s 10,982 square foot home in Beverly Hills, California cost her $25 million back in 2015. The estate was formerly owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer founder Samuel Goldwyn, so there’s that historical element as well! Built in 1934, it belongs in the same neighborhood as other legendary Hollywood actors who have passed away such as Charlie Chaplin and Clark Gable. Apart from being owned by an icon in the Hollywood movie industry, Swift’s home also figured as a location for the film The Best Years of Our Lives – an Oscar winner back in 1947. If you like a little bit of Hollywood history with your home, then you’ll surely love this one.

10. Meg Ryan. While many luxury celebrity homes are often located in sprawling spaces with lots of lawns, Meg Ryan chose ultra-chic but highly populated SoHo in New York City as the location of her 4,100 square foot home. This property was sold in 2017 for the price of $9.85 million. Fun fact: the super stylish home was rebuilt as well as designed by Meg Ryan herself, who also happens to be an avid interior designer apart from being a widely successful actress. You first need to take a lift to get to the loft, where you can have a look at the house that mirrors New York’s modern lifestyle. It’s done in simple but elegant black and white, has lovely details like an exposed brick wall, actor essentials like a media room, and a cheery open kitchen that is bathed in natural lighting. While the home is definitely on the large size by New York standards, it is nonetheless successful in giving off a cozy vibe that Miss Ryan is clearly after, judging from the way she has decorated her beautiful abode.

These luxury celebrity homes are certainly a sight to behold, and while many of us will have to be content with our own version of luxury living, we can certainly take a home design cue or two from these celebrities!