Who doesn’t admire a smart and cool lifestyle?

Such a lifestyle has become easily accessible by dint of smart technology. Here smart doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. You can make your home smart and life simpler within a considerably affordable budget. Actually, affordability is the feature that has made home technology popular than ever. 

To make your life smart, here are relatively inexpensive 5 smart home gears to make life simpler. These gadgets will deliver most of the conveniences you desire. You just need to make sure these gadgets are compatible with each other.

1. Smart Lighting:

For a smart home, smart lighting is the first thing you need to take care. Some lighting system requires Wi-Fi connection while some others can communicate through Bluetooth radio of your smartphone, tablets or desktop. In a smart lighting system, you are even allowed to make changes just at the touch of a button through the internet, no matter wherever you are.

 Smart LEDs are energy efficient also. These bulbs cut electricity bill up to 80% than conventional ones. Now light bulbs are no longer white or just one color. Rather, you can adjust the lighting color however you want. 

These smart bulbs will also serve you longer than traditional ones.

2. Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostat, the next generation of temperature control, is another home gear you would love. This smart gadget offers convenience, energy efficiency and safety. Through this equipment, you can easily control the temperature and climate. With the help of Wi-Fi connection, a smart thermostat can do many wonders beyond just temperature automation. 

This smart gear can learn your schedule and preferences. It can also detect if anyone is at home or not and controls temperature accordingly. Therefore, even if leave AC or heater on, it’ll take care of it in your absence. You can even adjust the temperature through your smartphone while sitting away from home and set vacation mode whenever required.

3. Home Security Cameras

Earlier having security cameras installed in your home was measured as an expensive and luxury home gadget. But with the availability and affordability of technology, it has become a necessity. To keep your house safe even when you are not at home, there is no comparison of a security camera. It will keep buglers away by letting know of its presence.

Even if any theft occurs, it will help police by providing information and evidence. Even you are allowed to check in on your children through remote monitoring.

4. Multi-room Audio System

The earlier music system was something 2-channel set of speakers, that has to place in a listening room. But now with the progress of technology, you can play music and listen to it from anywhere of your home. Now you can entertain your friends more easily. Coming from work, you can play music and enjoy while taking care of chores or dining, without missing a beat. 

And if you don’t wish to play the same music in every room, there is nothing to worry. You are even allowed to play a different song in each room. In this way, each member of the family can enjoy as per their taste. You can do all these using smartphone, tablets, touch screen or remote control. 

5. Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

In order to keep your sweet home and beloved family safe and sound, a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector might be your trusted companion. Unlike conventional smoke detectors, a smart one senses smoke and heat allowing remote access and alerts. 

Through ultra-sensitivity feature, they ensure preventing a false alarm. They can detect fast rises in heat coming from a fire, even if there is no smoke and thus save you from fire accidents. If you are not at the home, there is nothing to worry. It will provide total safety through the alarm.

So, to sum up, it can be said that for a smart home, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot. Rather, if you choose smart home gear with proper planning, it will save your extra cost, yet making life as smart as a high-end lifestyle.