When it comes to sprucing up the home design and adding up more spice to the appearance, nothing can work more efficiently than to replace existing doors with sliding doors. The rule of thumb is to remove worn out French doors and install new 3 panel sliding units to sustain that comfort and convenience.

The reason why homeowners should go for this option is the function, detail and elegance they provide. 3 panel sliding patio doors in Toronto are available in myriads of hardware and frame finishes. They can be customized in order to ensure perfect fit into the door opening. They can work with the existing exterior or with future upgrades without compromising on appeal.

Other than that, below are 5 worth considering reasons to install 3 panel sliding doors Toronto:

Better Access and Function

The first and foremost thing about 3 panel sliding doors Toronto is ease of access to the backyard. They do not only let inhabitants to move easily but also work efficiently as compared to French doors and old sliders. Modern versions are designed to easily glide on the track, meaning that anyone can use them at anytime and in any way they want. Even, seniors, using assistive devices such as wheelchairs or walkers, can also make the most of their width.


No doubt, security is one of the important aspects of living in Toronto. French doors do not provide the required level of security over time. Even, old sliding doors Toronto do not fit properly into the frame and therefore, become an easy target for burglars to attack. 

So, to avoid this problem, experts recommend to go for overlocking security bars or other additions. They also give a different look to the living space and make all doors practically impenetrable. If the area from patio to the bedroom or dining room is led by old French doors, it is recommended not to waste more time and secure them with sliding doors Toronto.

Beautiful Look

3 panel sliding doors Toronto are available in a wide range of frame styles and glass finishes. Their hardware is customizable and have the ability to convert a dull room into a three-season room. With blinds and glass screens, 3 panel sliding doors can let in sunshine and fresh air without allow harmful sun rays to damage anything inside.

Energy Efficient

Replacing old sliding patio doors Toronto is the effective option to avoid leaking air and save money on energy bills. 3 panel patio doors are manufactured to fit perfectly into the frame while their weather seal works to cover gaps for better energy efficiency. Heavy glass panels maximize insulation and protection against air loss. 

Rise in Value

Upgrading to patio doors from old sliding or French doors can bring a huge difference on home’s value. When it’s time to replace doors or windows, be sure that it is a significant investment and it needs to yield benefits in the long run. So, whether owners decide to sell the property or want to wait for some increase, the key is to install energy efficient 3 panel patio doors.