Parenting can be difficult, but even before the precious bundle arrives there is so much to do. One of the biggest challenges is designing and decorating the nursery. 

Gone are the days of just a cot and a mobile, with some neutral colors on the wall. 

You only need to look on Pinterest to see the abundance of fairy lights, wall decals, baby name neon lights, buntings, chandeliers and cot canopies! In fact, the baby rooms are fast becoming the most stylish rooms of the house! 

This is why you need to ensure that the room is decorated in the most effective, but sensible manner. There are many trends at the moment when it comes to baby room décor. Following are some of the most popular choices prevalent right now:

1. Emphasis on color

Color can be the focal point of the room. However, this may depend on the gender. Blue used to be the mainstream selection for boys, whilst pink was the norm for girls, but not so much anymore. Greys, browns, yellows and turquoise are all proving popular. 
You can either choose one color and base your decoration on that particular shade or combine different colors to enhance the vibrancy of a room. Plain walls can be adorned with canvas’ or wall art which match the bedding, tying the room beautifully together. Growing in popularity is rustic wood paneling on the wall and vintage wall paper prints.
2. Functional furniture

This is something that is featuring a lot in the market today. Once the room is decorated, you need to place heavy emphasis on furniture and make sure it is functional. Purchase furniture that doesn’t only serve one function. For instance a cot that can convert to a toddler bed, or drawers that double up as a change table. Sometimes the initial outlay may seem more expensive, but generally there is a cost saving. 
It is essential that all solid furniture is anchored to the wall. It’s best to do this as soon as you install it. It may seem unnecessary from a new borns room but they soon grow into inquisitive toddlers that will endeavor to climb anything they see!

3. Set a theme

Setting a color theme is one of the ways. Nevertheless, there are many other themes you can choose in order to enhance the aesthetic appeal and personalize a room. Nautical, jungle, night sky and wild, are all popular themes at the moment and you don’t need to break the bank to attain these. 
 Of course there are retailers that sell a boutique range of décor items but you can also create them yourself using wall stickers, stencils and if you are crafty you can make certain props. 

4. Light it up

Possibly one of the most important factors of any room is lighting and as this is a room where the baby will be sleeping a lot in the early days, or the mother may be nursing, ideally you will need some softer lighting. 

A string of fairy lights, a themed lamp or chandelier with a dimmer switch can all work well as they will not only add to the aesthetics, but will also provide a gentle glow rather than full on illumination.  

The bottom line

Children’s rooms are different from other rooms in the house. They need to provide a cosy, nurturing safe environment for baby to sleep, grow and play. A sanctuary from the busy-ness of the rest of the home. A place where quite time and cuddles can lead to a pleasant slumber.