Metal is a versatile material that can be incorporated into your current design or be the focal point for a redesign. With a variety of types like gold, brass, silver, aluminum, or chrome, and with a range of finishes like polished, brushed, textured, oxidized, or painted, there’s a way to add either elegance or a rustic feel to any home.

Balance the use of metal in the home by using a combination of textures with the rest of your décor. Avoid using too many shining and polished metal surfaces to avoid having your home look like the bathroom fixtures isle of the hardware store. And pick the right pieces or highlights that speak to the tone you’re looking for: classic, modern, cottage, luxury, country home, rustic cabin, and more.

When incorporating metal into the home, certain types and finisheswill match the colour scheme better, depending on the impression and feel you’re after. Brass looks nice with dark shades and jewel tones; chrome is good with neutral palates; and gold is versatile across-the-board. 
See a selection of ideas below for how to incorporate metal into your home design.
You can create your own unique metal prints easily by uploading a high-quality image file to a professional online printing service. Dyes are infused directly into specially-coated metal prints using sublimation and provide outstanding clarity and vibrancy. Present stellar resolution and detail on a metal print that is scratch-resistant, durable, easy to care for, and won’t easily fade. Images look high dimensional and luminous with a frameless, avant-garde presentation. 

Decorate your living room, bedroom, or bathroom with metal décor. Geometric art sculptures are unique and modern; place them on a coffee table or line them up on a shelf. Install sleek metal shelves to display art, pictures, books, or candles. Ornate and well-crafted candelabras and lighting can add an either old fashioned look or a modern one. Place photos or art in metal frames. And for those who appreciate the handiwork of a proper blacksmith, display weaponry, horseshoes, or fireplace implements on a rack.

Scour vintage and antique stores for unique pieces from decades and even centuries past. Find old fashioned décor like metal dishware and platters, candle holders, or decorative crates and boxes with ornate metal detailing. 

Furniture with exposed frames, and tables made of metal, are excellent structural features. Go elaborate and substantial with a metal four poster bed, trendy with dark painted metal furniture, or sturdy and easy to clean with a large stainless-steel kitchen table or island with wheels. A metal countertop or table is also heat-resistant. 

The bathroom is an easy place to choose various metals and finishes for fixtures like polished brass and more subtle touches like a metal clawfoot bath tub. Keep the type of metal consistent to avoid too many clashes. 

Decorative metal railings along the stairs or dividing multi-level rooms is a functional and attractive sculptural touch. 

Get the metal look with metallic painted objects or textiles like throw pillows or flecks in an area rug. 

Metal ceilings come in several varieties including rectangular, square, or asymmetrical tiles, metal floating, mesh, perforated, and others. Have a solid and consistent choice or alternate metal with other material panels. The lighting will play off the metal tiles beautifully.
Metal can be used to decorate the home in so many ways – it’s a designer’s dream material!