Getting your home ready for the holidays isn’t an easy task. For many people, preparing is serious business that takes a lot of time, organization, effort, and money. For some, getting it all together can be near impossible. 

However you deal with getting your home prepped for the holidays, you deserve to have a home that’s merry and bright. Whatever your style, theme or budget, you can find everything you need at Decorator's Warehouse. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your home is filled with Christmas spirit. 


Go Rustic With The Decorations

You can not go wrong when going with rustic holiday decorations this season. The rustic style is the trend right now and adds an extra element of coziness to your home. Incorporating rustic decor into your holiday plans is easier than you might think. 

Use burlap as the material for your tree skirt or your stocking. Buy wooden and simple ornaments. Get garland that looks like it’s from nature. These sort of decorations are easy to fit into your regular decor but add an element that can make your holidays merrier.  

Don’t Skimp on the Lights 

Nothing brings holiday cheer quite like the twinkle of lights around the tree or house. Whether you go with classic white or festive multi-colored lights, they’ll definitely make your Christmas brighter. 

The styles of bulbs are evolving as well. You can go with the usual thin bulbs or opt for the round or oddly shaped bulbs. Whatever type of lights you choose, make sure you get plenty of them.    

Invest in A Pellet Stove

When you’re looking to create a merry and bright holiday, you’re also looking to get cozy. Nothing says cozy quite like a warm room. 

A great way to heat your room and add to the Christmas decor is by investing in some pellet burners. Pellet stoves are an affordable and effective way to heat any room. Besides making your home merrier, pellet burners are a way to help you save money during the holidays. Since they don’t heat the entire home, they save energy and dollars off of your bill during this time of year. 

You’re already spending so much on decorating, food, and presents. You should cut costs where you can. 

Make Use of Candles

Candles are another big lighting staple for the holidays and for good reason. The warm-toned lighting adds to the coziness you want to feel. 

If they’re scented candles, they can add a calming scent or festive feeling to your home. The number of scents available is unlimited. You can have your home smelling like apple cider, gingerbread cookies, pine trees, gumdrops, or any other sort of pleasant smell related to Christmas. Plus, pleasant smells are also shown to increase the feeling of comfort.  

Candles are also a good way to help save money during the holidays. When you want to cut back on the amount you’re using your Christmas lights, light some candles instead. Switching between the two will save you a little bit on your energy bill but will keep the holiday spirit strong. 

Play Music and Watch Christmas Movies

To fully experience the joys of the season, you have to fully immerse yourself. The best way to do this is by playing to the appropriate music and movies. Curate a Christmas playlist to help you and your family get into a cheerful mood. The right Christmas movie can get anyone in the mood for some eggnog and caroling. Be sure that you carefully choose your songs and films as certain selections can just as easily enrage people as they can create merry.   

Surround Yourself With Holiday Cheer

Christmas is the time to spread joy to others but to do that you have to start by spreading joy in your own home. With the right decorations, people, songs, and atmosphere, it is hard to not be merry and bright during this time of year.