Looking for ways to lower your family’s expenses? One of the best places to start is your grocery list. 

The cost of groceries makes up the largest portion of monthly family expenses. The cost of food appears to be at an all time high, leaving many struggling to afford their monthly grocery bill. However, the good news is there are so many ways you can cut your grocery bill down. Here, you’ll discover just some of the best tips to help you save money on groceries.

Know what you have to work with

It’s important to set a budget for your grocery spending. This means you won’t spend more than you actually have available each week. Of course, it also means you’re going to actually need to work out what you have available for the month.

There are bank accounts such as the one from Think Money, which can help with this. When you get paid into the account each month, money is automatically kept for your bills, then whatever is left over gets transferred onto a prepaid debit card. 

Create a meal plan

A great way to cut back on unnecessary groceries, is to create a meal plan. This means, knowing exactly what you’re going to be cooking in the upcoming week. You can add all of the ingredients onto a list, then make sure you only buy what’s on it. 

A meal plan saves you money in two ways. Firstly, it cuts down impulse buying and secondly it avoids food waste. 

Look out for discounts

Supermarkets always have discounts on specific products. You’ll typically find these discounts change on a weekly basis, so you’ll need to keep checking what’s on offer. However, taking the time to see what’s discounted each week can save you a surprising amount in the long term. You can stock up on essentials when they’re available at a lower price. You can also keep a lookout for coupons which could save you even further money.

Opt for in-season produce

Finally, when it comes to buying fresh produce, sticking to things that are in-season will help you to save. So, in summer, strawberries are in-season, which means they will cost less to buy than they would in the winter months. This simple tip can help you to eat healthier for less. It’s also worth looking at the reduced section for produce which is running out of date as this is often offered at a significantly lower price.

Overall, there are many ways to cut back on groceries. The above are some of the easiest and most effective you can try out.