Insulated panels are becoming all the rave nowadays across the globe. Many people are looking for these when they are building or renovating their homes. Here are the reasons why:

Design friendly

Insulated panels are easy to use and easy to install. They are very versatile, so they can fit in any structural design you can think of. Insulated panels can be used in even the tightest spaces. 


House fires are one of the top problems that homemakers are facing today. Accidents can happen, and you need to do everything you can do to prevent such things from damaging your home. Using insulated panels for your foundations is a good choice.  

Insulated panels come from polyurethane, a thermoset plastic. It makes them very resistant to fire. Even if oil, fuel, and flammable compounds are poured and ignited on these panels, they will be able to withstand the high temperature. On prolonged exposure to fire, polyurethane will only char. It will not destroy the structural integrity of your home because it will not melt. 

Good structural integrity

Insulated panels are better than timber or brick because they can withstand more pressure than these materials. Hence, insulated materials are more durable and will last you for a very long time. 

Energy efficient

Insulated panels are very energy efficient because they are one of the best insulating materials in the world. It means that you can cut your energy cost for ventilation systems (heating or cooling).  

Time efficient

Because they are so easy to use, your workers can quickly put these up without any need for extensive training. 


You’ll really get the most bang for your buck with insulated panels. The cost of building using insulated panels is significantly lower compared to other materials (e.g. timber, cement, brick). What’s more, you can eliminate on-sitelabour costs, reduce on-site waste, and prevent extra costs for excess materials because insulated panels can come to you pre-cut. You’ll get what you need for your home for a lower price range. Now that’s a sweet deal! 

These are not the only sizeable benefits you can get from insulated panels. They also make for a healthy home. Your health is your wealth, and with insulated panels, you can be sure that you are only using the best materials to secure your family’s safety and overall wellbeing.  


Insulated panels are non-toxic. It means that it is the safest option for your family. These won’t harm your family’s health in the long run. 


Proper air circulation is a vital consideration when it comes to considering your base material. Insulated Panels can give you this benefit because they can naturally manage moisture. Not only that, but they can also help you control indoor pollutants. 

These are the top benefits you can get if you choose to switch to insulated panels, like SIP panels. You can get the satisfaction of knowing that you are only using the best materials for your home.