Clogged drains can be very inconvenient and lead to pricey plumbing bills. There are a few signs to look out for that are indications of the potential risk of drains that need cleaning that can save you a lot of trouble when dealing with the issue to prevent other problems from arising. 

Signs Of A Potential Blockage

1. Water Flow Problems

An early indication of a clogged drain is a sink that drains too slowly. Avoid waiting for the problem to escalate by dealing with the issue immediately by paying attention to the water flow of regularly used drains in your home.

2. Foul Smells

Another notable sign of build up debris in the pipes are foul smells that present themselves. Sticky matter on the inside of pipe walls solidifies with time, causing the residue to become trapped and remain there permanently. This is just the beginning of a foul-smelling drain. It can promote the growth of bacteria or causes mildew and mould to give off a bad odour and creating an area for decay to flourish.

3. Rust

A visible formation of rust in the metal drain is also a sign of a clogged drain caused by corrosion and one can only hope that it hasn’t progressed to form on the inside of the pipes.

Blocked drain specialists in Sydney can assist in determining whether the problem is of a severe nature.

Regular Maintenance For Preventing Clogged Drains:

Kitchen Sink Drain

Always dispose of food left-overs in the garbage and make sure your plates are scraped clean before doing the dishes. Ideally only soap and water substance should filter down the drain.

Toilet Drains

Only toilet paper and water must be flushed in the toilet (make sure you only use the required amount, as too much toilet paper can cause a toilet to clog up). Don’t risk causing a blocked toilet by flushing items such as nappies, baby wipes or sanitary products. 

Shower Drain

A shower strainer is an excellent solution to filter unwanted items or soap residues down the shower sink. A shower filter can be removed and cleaned once weekly.

Various Methods of DIY Drain Cleaning:

Plungers – are your first option and an ideal quick fix solution for minor drain clogs. Avoiding any air escaping is essential.  The plunger must form a seal around the drain, and you may have to repeat the exercise a few times to successfully get rid of the blockage.
Sink auger or snake drain – may be a bit trickier to get the hang of. A sink auger or snake drain can reach further down the drain to remove the object that is causing the blockage.
Chemical drain cleaners – is a quick solution due to the contents of the product. Always follow the instructions and warning labels on the bottle carefully and let the water run for a few seconds after the process to remove all trace of the product.
Natural drain cleaners – is the less hazardous option especially with children in the house. Natural drain cleaners include lemon juice, borax, baking soda, vinegar and hot running water.