Whether you work in a dreary cubicle, your home office or one in the commercial district, getting the aesthetics of your workspace right is vital. Your space needs to reflect the values of your company, your work ethic, and your personality. 

You basically need to create a home away from home while keeping it business-like. Your office needs to be inviting and inspiring, pleasant and professional – and that is not easy! It can also get expensive, which is why you need a well-crafted game plan. The key here is to decide on the kind of décor you’d like and work towards that goal while keeping costs down. So, no matter what its size, here are some motivating and affordable ideas that you can incorporate into your workplace. 


Minimalist styles
Minimalism is not just a trending décor style, it’s also an efficient and logical business decision. Clutter thwarts productivity and makes offices look clumsy. Minimalist designs look ergonomic and are economic to accomplish. Start off with a basic color scheme and only place essential items. Add personality with a few statement pieces. The best part about the ‘less is more’ ideology is that you just need a few pieces to bring your office to life. 

Play with paint
Minimalism doesn’t mean boring. You have full creative freedom when doing up your workplace, so why not experiment a little? To come up with a color scheme, you need three colors: Dominant, secondary, and accent colors. The dominant color makes up 60% of the place, the secondary stays at around 30%, and the accent will be about 10% of the color scheme. If you have a darker color scheme, opt for a bright accent color in the form of accessories or an accent wall.

Place funky furniture 
Using unique furniture pieces in your office décor makes the space seem informal, friendly, and energetic. Distinctive lighting, chic tables, ottoman chairs, translucent dividers, and abstract rugs are some of the ways you can jazz up the vibe. If you need rooms that look more corporate, have an accent wall to uplift the mood. The idea is to make the workplace as welcoming and supportive as possible to stimulate conversations and increase collaborations. 


Use cable railings
Your office most likely has a window, deck or balcony that require railings. Cable railings are quickly replacing traditional ones due to its sleek design, durability, and low maintenance. The biggest advantage is that it provides unobstructed views without compromising on safety, so you can fully enjoy the gleaming sunshine and inspiring cityscapes. To buy railings of different sizes and designs, always choose reputable online retailers or hardware stores.

Plaster your mission statement
Every business has its own goals and ambitions. Surely, you sought to change something as well – that is, after all, the reason you started a company. If you aren’t happy with the words of your current company values, hire someone to pen it down. It should sum up your mission and vision; a few inspiring short lines that motivates you and your employees on difficult days. As a reminder, plaster a large picture or hanging of your company’s mission statement on a common wall. Make the design look modern, artistic, and eye-catching.

Spruce it up with green
Plants are a budget-friendly way to brighten up the office. As they come in many colors and sizes, you can place larger plants in open spaces and smaller ones on desks. You could also choose low maintenance or air purifying varieties. Hanging planters that feature artisan designs will make your space appear sleek and attractive while providing your company with an invaluable opportunity to engage with your local art community. 


Maintain a snack station
Whether you have a big office or a small one, maintaining a snack station is fast becoming a necessary office perk to increase employee satisfaction and motivation. Instead of the usual junk food, offer healthy alternatives like fruits, yogurt, nuts, muffins, energy bars, and dark chocolate. Promoting healthy food reduces sugar crashes, sluggishness, and lethargy, which in turn bolsters productivity and engagement. 

Cut down on clutter
We often hoard items that we don’t need. It could be anything like office papers, unnecessary boxes, closed files, too much stationary, or even those sentimental souvenirs from your vacation. Make a list of everything that you don’t need in your office and gradually throw it away (or store it elsewhere). Taking 30 minutes off every day and clearing your workplace can have a huge positive effect on your creativity, efficiency, interest, and overall mood. 

Watch how it smells
While the focus is almost always on how the place looks, it also needs to be on how it smells. Studies have suggested that good fragrance positively affects employees’ work abilities, enhancing their mood and increasing their productivity. Familiar and pleasant floral smells like jasmine, lavender, wisteria, and rose are good starting points if you’re unsure about where to start. Conduct routine surveys to understand the effectiveness of each scent and tweak the fragrance accordingly. 

Add a pop of color
To avoid turning your workspace into something too banal and uninspiring, infuse color into the room through little things like stationary, folders, photo frames, and trinkets. You can also place striking rugs in common areas as a way to divide spaces without actually placing dividers. Quirky artwork hanging on walls are good additions to your renovating efforts. Use vibrant hues like green, red, blue, and yellow to stimulate the brain and boost work rate. 


Do you remember feeling cheerful at the sight of a sunrise or feeling down when surrounded by too much clutter? Your environment heavily influences the way you feel. Your work environment also has a profound impact on your mood, which directly invigorates or impedes your ability to work efficiently. That’s why, you need to take great care and shower immense attention to detail when decorating your office. With these tips, you are well on your way to designing a lovely workspace that you and your co-workers love.