Apps like Pinterest and shows like The Block wouldn’t be so popular if we didn't yearn to change our homes and make that big impact. So, why do we lust over magazines and TV shows but not replicate this in our own homes? Maybe it’s cost or even time that keep you from creating magic, so why not make small changes that will yield a big impact? You don’t have to hire a contractor or take time off, start with these small changes and see how they can radically change the look of your home.

Stylish curtains
Chances are your curtains haven’t been changed for a long while. They may have even come with the house? Investing in a stylish set of curtains online will give your home a fresh perspective that will make it impossible to imagine going back to your old dreary set. Choose a colour that will best highlight your home, as when the natural light shines between them it can be a dramatic effect with the right tone.
Upgrade your hardware
No, no, no - we are not talking about that kind of hardware. Your hardware sort of blends in to the rest of the house, but it doesn’t have to. This is a small change that can be executed in an afternoon and can add a designer twist to every room in your home. The handles on your cupboards, the knobs on your doors and the fixtures on your windows - you can upgrade these and find some with real personality. As a rule of thumb, it’s wise to stick with one key material (silver, gunmetal, gold etc) and then choose different styles for different rooms if you wish. If this is too much of a change, you can also polish your existing and let them shine again as they once did.
Rugs and mats
Changing your carpet or hardwood floors adds a huge impact, but isn’t the cheapest or simplest activity. In lieu of changing what you have, you can make the small change of adding rugs and mats to certain rooms. It creates a lovely luxe feel, gives your room texture and tells your guests that you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to design. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the right rug or mat, made from a variety of materials so there is an appropriate match for your carpet and hardwood floors.
Have you ever walked into a home and felt that something is missing? The decor is great, the home is neat.. But there is no injection of personality or culture. Maybe this is your home, but don’t sweat it because there are so many ways now to find local and international art for your home which changes the entire look and feel of your space. Now art doesn’t simply mean prints on a wall, it can mean installations, sculptures, ceramic, statues and just about anything that speaks to you and your home. It’s always nice to support local artists so have a look in your backyard before you venture too far.
There’s a lot of fun to be had making changes to your home, and watching that impact flow on to residents of the home and it’ guests. This is where you live, so don’t become complacent with your surroundings - always strive for innovation. Start small, remember that these changes can be implemented across a calendar year or even longer. The idea is that they are changes that can be made by you, and without a band of contractors and a steep price tag.