There’s something extra exciting about having a home built from the foundation up. The first time that you take a tour of your new house, it is after you have designed your dream home and waited for it to be constructed. So, how does a person who wants a new home built get started? You can look at Cranbourne plumbing experts for land for sale and find a contractor who has a great portfolio of finished, custom-built homes. You can also find a highly regarded homebuilder who has a new community available with land-home packages available. Here’s what you need to know about the homebuilding process before you secure financing. 

Homes Require Blueprints

You may know that you want a home with a wraparound porch and an eat-in kitchen, but you just can’t expect a homebuilder to deliver what you want without first approving the blueprints. Custom blueprints can be created for your home construction, but this option is the most expensive option you have. Both an engineer and an architect have to sign off on custom blueprints, and you need to get local officials much more involved in the construction permit process. Alternatively, you can find blueprints on your own or just see what your contractor suggests as far as getting a home with the specifications you want built. 

New Home Constructions Have to Be Inspected

First, the foundation has be poured. If your home is going to have a basement, the frame will be built several feet below ground. Otherwise, the crawlspace and first floor will be framed out and construction will officially begin. Home inspectors are not going to wait until a new home construction is completely erected before they start to look inside to see if everything is up to code. The plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, and other vital systems in your new home construction will be checked before the drywall goes up and the walls are painted. Prior to the roof being completed, inspectors will check the insulation and look for signs that the job is up to code. 

Asking About New Home Warranties

You might expect a brand-new home to be perfect for years, but you won’t be certain of anything until your home actually settles. Get information on your new home construction warranty from the builder so that you don’t have major repairs to be concerned about until your home is at least a decade old. With a new roof, a brand new septic system in place, and a heating and cooling system that is one of the newest and more efficient on the market, you should be moving into a newly constructed, maintenance-free home. 

All in all, a new home can be constructed from start to finish in approximately 60 days. You don’t want your builder to go too fast so that careless mistakes are made, but it also doesn’t take more than six months to have a home built in even the most complex of cases. You can pay a mortgage on a new construction, just as you would an existing home, until the loan is paid in full.