Buildings and skyscrapers have always been a remark of development in any country. The technological advancement that has taken place in the architectural development has been immense. Beginning from the early ages buildings and forts were constructed among rocks and with rocks and are still standing strong till today. However, we cannot rely on rocks in today’s scenario Use of steel for the building of framework has been a criterion of architecture and a trusted way in architecture and civil engineering. There are however, other methods like using wood, aluminium and many more. Steel is the most preferred material for building not just skyscrapers, warehouses but also your independent houses. There are various reasons why steel is much better than any other alternative and some convincing ones are listed below. 

1. It is a Lighter Option

This might come as a surprise for many but steel is perhaps the lightest and most durable option available. The floating ability of wood doesn’t necessarily make it lighter, as that depends only on the density of the material and not exactly it’s weight. A steel frame weighs less than a wooden frame and is definitely sturdier and a lot more durable. What is important here is the shape of the frame which gives the strength to the structure. For example, triangle and hexagons are the strongest shape and hence provides strength. Most strong structures in nature are hexagonal shaped, like structure of graphene, honeycomb etc. So, it is the structural shape that is more important when it comes to strength and not the weight.

2. Speed of Construction

Time is everything in today’s scenario and there is nothing better than saving time. Technology has developed in favour of steel more than anything else and hence the fabrication processes and building techniques are much faster for steel than wood. The work when done on steel can finish up to 3 times faster when done on other materials like wood. Moreover, the structural frames are pre-built and engineered prior to when construction begins and all that needs to be done is proper placement and alignment according to the architectural plan. Given, that is steel is also most widely used, there are skilled workers for the working of steel and not wood. This encourages the speed of construction. 

3. High Withstanding Power

We know that steel is very durableand has the power to withstand most naturally occurring instances like high wind speeds, high temperatures and heavy snowfall. Whatever the climatic condition, steel is built to withstand most of them with ease and pave way for less problems than other materials. Also, steel requires very less maintenance and repairs during its course as it has more immunity to a lot of things other things don’t have. Steel can also be made in accordance with resistance to natural disasters like earthquake, using ball bearing methods and so on.  

4. Environment-friendly

It is not our benefits that we should think about, our environment is also our responsibility and to take care of it is our duty. Steel can be reused and also recycled to give different shapes for the construction of building. There have been so many innovations in steel industry which has led to solutions that causes least harm to the environment. Also, when we look at the alternate option which is wood, it is better to not opt for wood and instead save some trees and rather plant more contributing towards the environment. 

5. Save Money

You are definitely saving a ton of money when you choose steel rather than wood or other options. This is related to all the other benefits stated here. Since, the durability of steel is high, it requires hardly any maintenance and repairs thus reducing costs. Also, like mentioned, steel is recyclable and reusable, so there is obviously the cost cutting factor here. Also, since the time of construction is less when it comes to steel, you have to pay less to the contractor who charge you according to the time they have been working for. This is one of the most important factor when it comes to choosing between wood and steel. For those who look for aesthetic appearances, usually go for wood flooring, if you have heard of maple wood flooring which is the ultimate of aestheticism. 

6. Steel and Wood Fusion

One of the most efficient methods of steel is that it can be combined with wood and other materials to give strength and durability to the structure. There are so many companies that have to offer so many fusion combinations to give the desired benefits and qualities that are required according to the construction analysis. Steel alloys with other materials like ABEC 5 rating are used to give the thermal insulation and conductivity as required. You can find out more about steel framed buildings here. 

7. Adaptability and Beauty 

It is easy to shape and use steel in whatever form we want and it can be adapted to as we need it. Steel frames used for one purpose can be reconstructed or modified to be used for other purposes too. When it comes to beauty and designing the interior architecture, it is easy to beautifully shape steel and is counterparts for designer purposes whereas, wood can only be used and given the shape it can acquire with minute modifications. Adaptability is what lets designers explore and the freedom to manipulate designs is what is best about it. 

8. Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the key to success to success for nay growing economy and development in steel paves way for more sustainable development. Many countries economy depends on their steel produce and it contributes for a large majority in deciding where the GDP of a country is headed to.

These should be enough reasons to convince you to use steel frames rather than wooden ones for your next building structure. Safety is a major concern is any field of work and so is the case here, and steel ensures much safer working environments. This is a win-win situation for the builders as well as the building owners as they both benefit from this.