Dekton is a popular brand of ultracompact surfaces which are made from a blend of raw materials, quartz, porcelain and glass particles. Cosentino, the Company that makes Dekton is the world leader in surface materials and uses an exclusive TSP (Technology of Sinterized Particles) technology which makes for an accelerated form of the natural metamorphic process which natural stones go through over several thousands of years under high pressure and extreme temperatures. 

This process results in the final Dekton materials as surfaces that are extremely durable, stain-resistant, non-porous, hygienic, and also reduce the micro-defects which create weak spots and tension within most other types of man-made surface materials. 

Dekton is an increasingly popular choice for kitchen installations across UK due to the offering a distinctive product that works indoors as well as outdoors. Dekton brings new and original designs with patterns with realistic designs in materials that evoke marble, concrete, glass and metallic finishes that were unthinkable of until the raise of these new type of surfaces that are also very popular in spaces such as bathrooms, living rooms and terraces in London and the South of England.

The brand regularly launches ultracompact surfaces in a wide array colours and finishes which include Smooth Matte, Anti-slip and Polished to name a few, to keep up with the needs of modern homeowners and in line with the latest architectural trends. If you are looking for a Dekton surface for your traditional, contemporary or industrial kitchen, 8 of the trendiest options for kitchens in 2018 are as follows-

1. Dekton Aura

Composite materials inspired by natural marble are currently in trend as they bring nature into homes. If you are looking to follow this trend, this the Carrara Venato and Statuario marble inspired Dekton Aura can be a great choice. The slab has a white backdrop with random grey veins on top of a delicate stone surface for a dramatic effect. Dekton Aura is available in slabs with dimensions 3170x1420mm and thicknesses in 8mm, 12mm and 30mm which make it a super-versatile surface material and one of the top choices in 2018.

2. Dekton Entzo 
Appearance-wise, Dekton Entzo is a great combination of Calacatta Paonazzo, Calacatta Oro, and Calacatta Colorado marbles. But apart from the unique beauty of Italian marbles, Entzo also offers enhanced physical properties of sintered particle materials which make it allure as well as durable and more functional than natural marble. 

3. Dekton Orix
From the Industrial Collection launched in 2017, Dekton Orix is an organic version of the classic cement stone. The surface replicates the natural decaying process of cement which has remained a popular material in building and constriction but one that presents issues in applications in interior applications, especially when it comes to areas in contact with liquids such as kitchens and bathrooms. Orix is a great choice with an alternative material that will never require sealing and ideal for minimalistic and industrial kitchens. Available in grey, the ultra-compact surface comes with a 10-years warranty. 

4. Dekton Nilium 
Be it a contemporary kitchen or a traditional styled space, the white to off-white build of Dekton Nilium with ochre and white rusty colours on top of a smooth matte surface is ideal for every setting. The material comes in slabs with thicknesses available in 8mm, 12mm, 20mm and 30mm and is one of the first ultra-compact to feature such a texture from this brand of ultracompact worktop materials that are highly resistant to scratches, heat, stains and impact.

5. Dekton Opera 
Dekton Opera replicates the beauty of natural marble from Italy such as Statuario but with far better physical and performance characteristics. The ivory white background of the material has a beautiful mix of grey and white thick veins which make it a great option for any room making it especially suitable for kitchens. Opera by Dekton comes in a Velvet finish which offers a silky tactile finish to a stunning material which is available in slab dimensions of 3170x1420mm and several tile formats of up to 1570x1400mm which are ideal for large floor or wall panels in areas such as bathrooms and living rooms.

6. Dekton Natura 
If you are looking for something subtle yet to have the best glossy finish, Dekton Natura can be an excellent choice. The white background with random grey veining resembles natural marble while the advanced treatment that the Dekton surfaces go through improves their physical properties. The surface is available in many different thicknesses and polished finish with a super-glossy sheen that attracts light into its surfaces making spaces look bigger.

7. Dekton Trilium 
Homeowners looking for the some of the best Dekton material options for their industrial kitchen designs can consider buying Dekton Trilium which provides a brown background surface with an oxidized effect and smooth matte finish. Dekton Trilium also benefits from the ‘anti-slip’ treatment developed by Cosentino which makes it ideal for wet areas such as bathroom, swimming pools and saunas. The magnificent blend of shades in black, grey, and brown hues can easily add a rusty, industrial feel to any space. 

8. Dekton Radium
The dark background of Dekton Radium with a combination of orange, brown, green and blue on top make it a perfect surface for any industrial decor. The surface closely resembles oxidized steel and is ideal for any kitchen which needs an organic touch. 

Dekton surfaces with their beauty and advanced physical properties are a go-to option for homeowners looking for a sturdy and long-lasting surface for their kitchens. If you are planning to buy a Dekton surface, these are some of the most popular options for 2018 in the United Kingdom.