Probably, planning the home remodel is quite stressful and challenging as well. As a homeowner, you need to face several pitfalls right from choosing the project contractor to completing the finishing touches. If you plan properly about the renovation, then you will avoid the consequences.  

Have you ever thought why renovation works cost more than planned initially or takes a long time to complete? The top reason for these hassles mistakes. Actually, most of the homeowners are making the mistakes even without realizing them. Once you get to know how to avoid these mistakes, your renovation works will finish on time and within your budget as well.

Almost all wish to get their dream home without any major glitches. If you really wish to achieve it, then you must avoid the common nine home renovation mistakes at any cost. Read the article completely to understand the mistakes clearly and plan accordingly how to avoid them.

Major home renovation mistakes to avoid:-

Hiring wrong person for the renovation job
The major mistake done by all the homeowners while renovating their home is hiring the interior designer without any research or simply go with their friend's recommendations. If you do not want to waste your time and money, then hire a reputable and experienced interior contractor like Gray Homes. In fact, you will see the difference between the work done by the skilled and unskilled people. This is why take your own time, search well and review the person/company record and experience in this work before hiring them. 

No proper timeline for job completion
Actually, renovation work takes at least one to six months to be completed. Sometimes, it needs a longer time than this, which is based on the work you require. When you forget to set a realistic timeline, it is where everything goes wrong. Keep in mind that the rushed job is never a perfect job. Once you have finalized contractor, speak with them and set out the specific schedule before starting the work. 

Opting for the low budget
Are you tempting to settle for the cheapest quote? Well, remember contractors may offer you a cheap quote by compromising on the product and work quality. Sometimes, they even bring you with some surprise additional charge. Get in at least three interior contractors to have a proper look at your home or space that needs renovation. After that, obtain their quotations and then compare it. Always work with the contractor whom you feel comfortable and trust. 

Underestimating the renovation costs
The most common mistake made by the homeowner is not setting the realistic budget. This will surely cost you a lot beyond your actual mark. Plan the renovation budget properly and work on it. Increase the budget up to 20% from the original evaluation, which renders you room to play around. Consider the plan based on the place that needs renovation before budgeting because kitchen and carpentry works cost more. 

Not having proper design
Your renovation work would never render a result, which you expect if you do not have a proper design. The unskilled person will never provide you with a perfect design or theme. If you work with company, they offer you a better idea of what’s required and what’s not.  They also transform your home based on your personality and expectation. You can even share your ideas and personalize your home. 

Rushing the design process
Who does not wish to move to the new home as soon as possible? However, smooth and effective renovation does not happen in a week. Completing the designing job on right time will save you from repairing cost. Therefore, set the realistic timeline and in-depth plan of what you are going to do. Speak the contractor beforehand and tell them never to rush the job. Most importantly, give them enough time to offer you a sweet home.

Being too trend-focused
Obviously, everyone wishes to design their home, according to the latest trends and designs. However, you should be clear on the trend, which you desire and never change them because every week new trends come in the market. Seek professional advice and confirm that trend fits in your home. If it doesn't match, the cost and time involved in the task are waste.

Not measuring appropriately
When it comes to spending on the home renovation project, it is extremely important to measure twice before cutting once. Your savings will be bursting out when you realize the order appliance or countertop is too small than required. Therefore, take your own measurements twice and cross check with the contractors in order to ensure accuracy. In addition to, add 20% extra while ordering materials such as tiles because it helps you when the tile is broken or damaged. 

Attempting the DIY task
DIY tasks are quite simple and help you save money. However, the common mistake that everyone does is taking the DIY project, which purely handled by the professionals. For example, electrical and plumbing work should be done by pros only. If anything goes wrong, then it costs you more or makes a dangerous error. This is what the same happens, when you do DIY home renovation work.