Although painfully difficult, there are instances in many people’s lives where they must move out and sell their homes. This may be a far-fetched idea for many moneyed people, but for some people, moving from a bigger home to a smaller home is an option that must be done. They must sell their homes for financial reasons. This may be a difficult decision, but if you are one of those people who are forced to sell your home, you must make the most of it. You must stage your home to make it more attractive to prospective buyers and to command a better selling price for your property.

Home Staging Further Explained

Home staging, as mentioned above, is aimed at making your home more appealing to the maximum number of prospective buyers. It makes selling your home easy and swift, and it also enables you to command a better selling price for your home. There are staging techniques, and there are people you can hire who specialize in these techniques.

If you are fond of watching reality shows, for example, you might have watched the show Designed to Sell. It was a 30-minute episode by Pie Town Productions that focused on how to fix up homes for sale. To up the excitement, the show’s renovation process was hastened and completed within seven days, even though the normal process of home staging actually takes three to four weeks. In that show, many of the techniques used were mostly cosmetic, but in some instances, demolitions of some structures were required to enhance the appearance of the house. Although the show is no longer airing — it was canceled in 2011 — you can still look back to their episodes to learn more about home staging, especially, if you plan to stage your home.   

The show usually follows a format. It starts with the introduction of the homeowner, recognizing the problems of the house, appraisal of the home according to a real estate agent, redesign plan, demolition and construction if necessary, review of the changes, budget breakdown, open house, and result. Home staging basically follows almost the same format.

The Critical Redesign Plan

Most homes that are listed for sale usually stay on the market for several months. However, homes that are staged tend to sell faster than homes that are not staged. Based on statistics, therefore, it is better to stage your home if you intend to sell it swiftly at a higher price.

The first part of home staging is recognizing the problems of your home. Once recognized, you can then make a redesign plan to do away with the problems — this is the most crucial stage of home staging. Sometimes, you will be required to temporarily remove some of your furniture and things from your home because they don’t fit well with your redesign plan. In such cases, you can look into a storage vault for rent. A typical storage vault is usually 150 sq. ft in volume, and you’ll not be required to make a deposit for this storage vault. Moreover, your things and furniture will be safe and secure inside one of those vaults. Once you’ve secured your excess baggage, you can then proceed with the home staging process.

Sometimes, there would be demolitions to give way for better views. Sometimes simple construction must be done to enhance certain areas of your home. Once you’re done with all these changes, you’ll surely feel more confident to showcase your home to prospective buyers and demand a better selling price for it.