If we want to create an impact on customers, there is nothing like videowalls. Humans are visual by nature and even from a distance, a single screen is able to attract our attention. We have already been programmed like this.

If instead of a screen we have a whole wall, we are talking about a much higher level of effect. The best thing about videowalls is that, in addition, they work very well in any sector: trade, hospitality, financial services, healthcare or even car dealerships.

That said, it is important to remember that if you plan to install videowalls in your business you should look for the right place at the right time. As with any other element of the customer experience, make sure you have a specific strategy for the videowalls. Some questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What am I going to show in them?
  • Are they going to be decorative only or for promotional use (or a combination of both)?
  • What budget do I have?

The answers to these questions will help you to solve the most important of them all: where are you going to put your videowalls? In any digital signage solution, location is the second most important factor (only content counts more). As you can imagine, placing your screens in one place or another will provide different results, and require different considerations such as ensuring an appropriate video wall mount solution is designed to maintain its integrity and security. 

Let's look at some location ideas…

Point of entry and first experience

We all know the importance of achieving an excellent first impression. If you place a video wall in the place of entry, customers will have the feeling that your brand is of the latest generation. It creates a climate to get a positive experience in the whole place and, in general, it is a fantastic way to attract customers. Whether you are going to post mood pictures, lifestyle videos or promotional content, a video wall near the entry point is always a good idea.

Further inside

If you have a store in a shopping centre, installing a video wall in the back of the store or behind the cashier area can be an effective strategy to encourage customers to explore the entire store. The idea is that the videowall works as a kind of focal point that directs customers throughout the store until they complete their itinerary at the point of purchase. This placement strategy can be a great way to motivate greater spending.

Video screens in the corridors

Forget the faded paintings and give your place the feeling of an innovative art gallery. Placing videowalls in transit areas is a great way to enhance the customer experience and show that it is a relevant brand in the digital age. In this type of application, what works best are the ambience images, although the brand and lifestyle can also be effective in giving customers an amazing experience.

Videowalls oriented towards the outside

If you really want to expand your audience and go big, choose a videowall oriented towards the outside. This application gives you a large number of options and is useful for very varied purposes. You can choose the traditional way and use it to advertise your offers on a large scale or be creative with the content.

For example, outward-facing videowalls have been used to display mood images that change throughout the day. They also use the videowalls screens to present new videos and, at other times, they display digital images of works by local artists.

If you decide to use this type of video wall, you need to pay special attention to two main factors.

Sunlight throughout the day. There are digital screens that can detect and automatically adjust the luminance values according to the degree of solar illumination. It is also important to know that direct sunlight can shorten the life of the screen.

Municipal regulations. After sunset, the luminous devices are brighter and more intense. Before installing an outward facing videowall, you should consult the municipal authorities and enquire about the regulations on visualisation of moving graphics at night. Bright screens can distract drivers and, consequently, cause accidents. For the safety of all, consult the local legislation related to the night use of any type of digital signage oriented towards the outside.

Video walls can give your business a surprise factor and improve the customer experience but, as we indicated at the beginning, it is necessary to study the location strategy and the content well. Once you have defined the strategy, be sure to find a signage digital expert with extensive experience in the installation of video walls.