Selling a home is filled with stress. If you’ve done it, you know it’s also time-consuming. You’ve only got one shot to make it work and on top of that, your home is your largest lifetime asset. Home staging can make it happen quicker and easier.

Home staging means making repairs and improvements, and positioning the house to best catch a buyer’s attention. So, get your ducks in a row. Planning will help make sure you make the most of the event and ensure you are less prone to be influenced by the various options heading your way.

Know Why You Are Selling

Know why you are selling. It might be obvious, but knowing your own motivation provides a decision-making framework. There are multiple reasons to sell:

  • Upgrade to a better lifestyle,
  • You’ve outgrown your home, 
  • Downsizing,
  • Divorce, or
  • A hot market

Job changes, business failures, debt and death are all very real reasons to sell. However, if you are selling by choice, there is less pressure and more time to prepare your home and maximize the return.

With time to sell, use one of the tricks-of-the-trade real estate agents use — interior design packages.

Interior Design Packages

Once you’ve figured out who your ideal buyer is and what they want, you have the solution ready to stage your home with the buyer in mind. An interior design package makes this part of the selling process easier.

Don’t make 23 interior design packages for your buyer to pick from. They will be confused. Confusion doesn’t have a wallet. There are many things which can be done but limit the choices. Depending on who your ideal buyer is, you should be able to get by with a choice of three interior design packages.

You select the right package for your ideal client and not for the masses. The masses won’t be buying your home. Knowing your buyer’s niche makes it easy for you to figure out how to stage your home and which interior design packages will work best.

Picking out three packages can you give the best shot when you have multiple buyers over to look at your home.

Package 1

The most expensive and most awesome package which pulls out all the stops. This is where you get creative so your home really stands out. Be sure to cover the cost of your home sale though.

Package 2

This package is middle of the road and meets most buyers’ demands. 

Package 3

This one offers the basics which will draw the attention of the majority of buyers. Without the bells-and-whistles of package 1, you need to get creative if you use this level to stage your home.

The Takeaway

Selling your home can be stressful. But relying on “insider tips” like interior design packages can help alleviate some heavy lifting.