Netflix's Queer Eye is possibly one of the best reality shows uploaded by the streaming site to date. More than just addressing issues on gender and archaic norms, it showcases talented people whose expertise have brought happiness to the household they visit.

For us homemakers, we are specially focused on how Bobby Berk, the resident interior designer, decorates various homes. Whether he was born with an eye for design or he learnt this skill, he was able to give life to rooms that had none of it before. 

And then there's us, who can't even tell whether stripes go with prints; or if wallpaper is better than paint. Which is why it's a good thing there are a couple of basic design techniques we can take full use of when we're designing our own home.

Determine the room's focal point
Focal point is basically a feature that stands out, and applies to anything that is related to the creative industry like art, photography, and interior designing. This point is where your eyes are naturally drawn to, and everything else around just compliments it.

The room's focal point is easy to identify if there is furniture already. However, if you're starting with a blank slate, the first thing you need to do is to decide what you want to use the room for, and then figure out what the focal point is going to be. 

For instance, if you are designing a living room, maybe your focal point is a big frame at the center wall, or a fireplace if it has one. You can even use a large framed painting or photograph as a focal point, and it doesn't have to be hung at the center. 

Once you've decided on the focal point, decorate around it. Maybe add a mantel on top of the fireplace, and put framed photos or decorative plants on it. 

Remember the rule of thirds
The rule of thirds mean that there is visual harmony when details are arranged in odd numbers rather than in even numbered groups. Look at the furniture and fixings that you've bought and see if there are items that can be grouped together. Note that you need to choose objects that are different enough so that each can be noticed individually, but similar enough that they can be grouped together.

If that statement is confusing, take this as an example: Candles of varying heights can be grouped together. They're all made from beeswax and are placed on the same iron stand. However, upon closer look we can see that there are subtle differences like one is decorated with shells, the other with colourful sand, and the last with intricate engravings.

This rule may not work for all of your rooms, but it will look visually pleasing when done right.

Don't overdesign
Last, but not least, learn to love negative space. There are rooms that doesn't not require a lot of design work. Let's take your bedroom for instance. Too much furniture and fixings will make it look smaller and cluttered.

Remember that all your rooms need to be functional. How it can it serve its purpose if it already looks untidy?

Remember these basic design tips when you get a chance to buy a property in Townsville, a location that will definitely inspire you to be the best novice home designers you can be.