The timeless elegance of stone has adorned our homes since we first learned how to shape this natural material, and the trade of stone masonry developed alongside culture, and when we look at some of the Roman and Greek examples, we understand the skill involved in working with stone. The fireplace is, and always will be, the focal point of the living room, and there are skilled stonemasons that craft bespoke designs in a range of stone, and despite the emergence of composites, you simply cannot beat a stone fireplace.

Its properties make limestone the perfect choice for a stone fireplace, with the musky yellow of Cotswold limestone and the creamy beige of Ancaster, your colour options are not limited. Ideally, everything else in the living room would be designed around the hearth, and with affordable fireplace surrounds in Moreton-in-Marsh and surrounding areas, you can talk to skilled masons who are dedicated to their art. Stone fireplaces are a traditional heritage, especially in the UK, and there are family run businesses in the Cotswolds where this ancient skill has been passed down from father to son, and even today, in this modern age, they use traditional practices to create stunning fireplace surrounds that really do transform the room.

It’s All in the Design
When you talk to a stonemason who has spent the best part of his life creating stone fireplaces, you really do have many options. He can show you countless images of his previous work, and if you go online and do a little searching, you could locate such a company and browse some fine examples on their website. You might see something that inspires you, and with your input, the mason can design something unique that looks like it is meant to be there. If you’re thinking that a stone fireplace is going to cost a fortune, you’ll be happy to know that prices are reasonable, and when you consider the skill and time involved, the cost is fair.

Bespoke Solutions
Every home is unique, and by looking at the décor and layout, the stonemason can offer some suggestions, and with such a wide range of natural English limestone, you have plenty of colour and texture options. Each piece of stone is unique and a skilled mason would be able to bring out the best with skilled polishing.

Online Solutions
They say you can literally find everything online, and if you are looking for a skilled stonemason to carve you a unique fireplace, an online search will lead you to their website. Selecting a stone fireplace is not something to be rushed into, and once you have established that they are the right people to talk to, pay their workshop a visit where you can discuss your options. You might be surprised at the variation with stone fireplace design, and there’s no one more qualified than a stone mason, who has the vision to visualise something before it has been created.

This is the ideal time of the year to be thinking about a stone fireplace, as everything will be completed before next winter, and you and your family can relax in a stylish and warm living room.