Sooner or later, we all reach a point where the existing living space is no longer adequate, and rather than extending the property, the attic can provide that much needed extra room. In the average house, the roof section is the one area that isn’t utilised, and with some special alterations, it is possible to turn this space into another room, and with a dropdown, foldaway staircase, access is easy. No two properties are the same, which is why you need to talk to a company that specialises in attic conversions, as they can assess your existing configuration and help you to design the ideal layout.

Top End Insulation
As we are all aware, hot air rises, which means all your valuable heat will be looking for an escape route at roof level, and as you will need some roof windows in Scotland, it is imperative that they are double glazed and placed to give adequate natural lighting. Floor insulation in the attic is a critical component and if that is combined with a good layer of roof insulation, the attic is likely to be the warmest room in the house.

Consult the Experts
As every property is unique, planning an attic conversion very much depends on what you already have. The attic would probably have some basic flooring with chipboard or plywood sheeting, and this would be the ideal starting place to plan and design the attic room. Costs will be reasonable as you already have the basics in place, and it is really the flooring and a few roof windows that need to be added, and there are established window companies that focus on loft conversions, which are the most cost effective solutions for adding some living space. Making good use of existing space is a far better solution that creating another room, and the structure is already in place, and with some alterations and additions, you can enjoy the many benefits of an attic conversion.

Natural Light
If you’re going to turn your attic into a room, you will need some natural light, and with customised, double glazed solutions, this is easily achieved. With the expert’s help, you can select several roof positions where the skylights will go, giving you that much needed natural light. The window replacement company would have hands-on experience with loft conversions and if they are established, they would have several showrooms, where you can actually experience the skylights in a natural setting before making your selection.

Wise Investment
Adding extra living space will see the value of your property rise, and should you ever decide to sell, the extra living space will be a deal clincher. With any home improvements, quality should always be paramount, and by paying a little more for the best, you and your family will enjoy many years of trouble-free use.

Your attic is probably full of packing crates and unused appliances, but with a little investment and the right conversion company, this space can be a comfortable addition to the home.