Having a workspace that does not take a toll on your nerves is a blessing, and I learned this lesson all too well on my first job. It was a dusty, little space with bland walls and no décor at all; and it drained me of all my energy while my boss yelled at me to be more "creative" with my articles. 

I grew tired of that job in a couple of month's time and quit it as soon as I found my first freelancing project. Thinking back to it, I realized the importance of a good workplace and since I have recently set up my home office, let me give you a few ideas.

1. Make It Homely
A great idea to make your workspace appear more cozy and homely is by adding a hint of furniture to it that is both colorful and comfy. I add mandala printed throw cushions even in my home-based office setup because it provides me with a sense of calmness and when I get too stressed out, I can quickly retreat on one of them for a quick-five-minute-meditation-session.

2. Add More Windows
Remember that ventilation is important for our brains to work efficiently if there is not enough air provision your brain would probably starve for fresh air and the only way you'll get affected, would be a lowered productivity. I'm sure no one wants that happening to them. Try and set up your home office near a window from which you can get some sunshine, for hotter days you can always install blinds on the windows. Fresh air is very important!

3. Monochromatic Design
Try and set up your office in monochromatic tones if you can, especially if you’ve got a job that requires persistence and routinely effort. It will help you keep steady and work in a better way. What I have found from personal experience is that if you have your office designed in black, white, grey or combination of these colors, you’re less likely to be distracted by anything and you can concentrate in a better way.

4. Wall Lamps
You can find sleek, modern design of lamps in the market these days that can be mounted on the wall little above your desk. Try and find some with an adjustable angle for added benefit and comfort. But do make sure that whatever lamp you buy goes with the flooring and rest of the décor.

5. Flooring
You should look for optimum flooring that will enhance the overall look of your room; I choose ceramic tiles because they can appear space look a bit clinical and that's what I like. For those with a creative mind, you would probably feel more connected to wooden flooring. 

6. Monitor Mount
If you're working on the computer a lot in your office, you need a monitor mount so that your neck doesn't get all strained after staring at the screen for hours. 

I hope this helps you with setting up your dream office!

Author Bio: 
Hannah is an interior designer by profession, and she knows all the ins and outs of using the right quality of the furniture and accessories for home décor and workplace. She is also a blogger who loves to write about the home and office maintenance tips and tricks. You can check her page about electric standing desk