When it comes to domestic screening, every Australian homeowner faces the same problem, how to combine the right amount of shading with the desired level of privacy. Curtains are old hat, they are cumbersome, awkward and take up far too much of the room, while blinds offer a little more in terms of adjustment, but if you are looking for a screening solution that ticks all the boxes, look no further than plantation shutters. Before you start your search for a supplier, here are a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy with stylish and elegant plantation shutters.

1. Interior or Exterior – Plantation shutters can be designed to fit either the interior or exterior of your property. As the units are made to measure, and there are so many options, the best way to really explore your options is to contact a local supplier, who would be happy to pay you a visit at home, where you can examine your options. The shutters can be sliding, hinged, or even fixed, and regardless of the shape – or size – of the window, a tasteful screening solution can be created that gives you complete control over lighting and seclusion. If security is a concern, why not consider exterior roller shutters, which is the stylish way to protect your home.

2. Tilted Slats – Plantation shutters are extremely versatile, mainly because of the adjustable slats that allow a specific amount of light through, and it is possible to have good visibility, while cutting out most of the light. Then, of course, you can close them completely, which gives you 100% screening, ideal for watching that blockbuster movie on a Sunday afternoon. When you are going away for a few days, close the shutters and you have an added layer of security, and at any time when you wish to reduce the amount of sunlight in a room, a simple twist is all it takes.

3. Stylish & Elegant – Whether you prefer real timber or a composite, the colour range is impressive, so every setting can be complemented, and with made to measure units that are designed according to your specifications, your interior will never be the same. Faux timber will give you the natural look without the maintenance, or if you really do like the look and feel of quality timber, basswood is a fine timber for plantation shutters.

4. Bays, Porches and Verandas – As the units are tailor made, any shape can be accommodated, and by discussing all available options with an established supplier, you might be pleasantly surprised at what can be achieved if you think outside of the box. If, for example, your home is a traditional structure and anything modern would look terribly out of place, then plantation shutters provide the perfect screening solution. 

5. Complete Control – Such is the design, plantation shutters give you complete control over both lighting and privacy, if you wish to see without being seen, for example, simply tilt the blades until you reach the desired setting. Plantation shutters offer the ultimate in fine adjustment, while also bringing some style and character to the interior, and with a wide range of material choices, you are only limited by your own creativity.

We Australians love to improve our living space, and if you feel you have done wonders with your interior, plantation shutters will be the icing on the cake. If you would like to talk to the experts, a Google search will have you on the website of a local supplier, and with their input, the perfect screening solution awaits.