With winter finally here, it’s no surprise that some of us are longing to be back on our summer holidays. When thinking of the Mediterranean you’d be right in conjuring up thoughts of blue skies, sparkling seas and bright, vivid colours. So, why not take inspiration from these gorgeous places and bring these looks in to your home. 

The term “Mediterranean home” can actually encompass a number of countries including regions in Western Asia, North Africa and Southern Europe. This gives you plenty of scope when it comes to giving your home and exciting and exotic look. Typically however, the most popular looks include those from Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco. We’re going to look at how you can use tiles to achieve these same great looks in your property. 

Greek Tiles 

Greece is renown for it’s use of a pure, brilliant white and a bright azure blue. Therefore, these coloured tiles are ideal if you’re hoping to recreate a Greek atmosphere in your own home. Try using large format tiles that will reflect light beautifully, perfect for those rainy days. Pair these tiles with potted plants such as palm trees for that beach feeling. Similarly, look for blue and white patterned tiles that can give your room a sense of dimension while staying true to the traditional Greek iconographies. 

Spanish Tiles 

Slightly more rustic, the Spanish look instead works with warm colours including exposed wood beams, textured walls and of course terracotta tiles. These tiles are a key staple piece of Spanish culture and will give your home a lease of new life. Combine terracotta tiles, whether they be floor or wall, with iron accents, comfy accessories and bold artwork. 

Italian Tiles 

The Italian look is far more toned down focusing instead on lighter colours with warm undertones such as marble or stone tiles. The luxurious Italian way of living allows you to work with tiles that give you a sophisticated aesthetic. Think as well of using tiles that use subtle greens too for that iconic colour combination that is synonymous with the Italian way of living. Finish off this look with detailed artwork, wood furniture and plants for that vineyard inspired look. 

Moroccan Tiles 

The Moroccan look has undeniably taken off this past year cropping up in bathrooms and kitchens alike. Morocco might not be the first place that comes to mind when looking at Mediterranean inspired interiors, but it’s close proximity to the Mediterranean coast lends itself to these aesthetics nicely. Moroccan tiles rely heavily on intricately patterned tiles that have a rich historical relevance to the culture. The pattern, often referred to as Zellige, immediately transports your home to a warmer climate and will give any room a stunning new look. 

Taking inspiration from other cultures will help make those winter months seem shorter by welcoming you to a warm and distant environment every time you come home. Plus, they look and feel great come summer too reflecting those longer days and shorter nights beautifully.