If you’ve ever looked at your lounge and felt that something was missing, it is most likely to be a rug. Rugs are a great way of tying a room together by adding that much needed bit of extra comfort. So when it comes to looking for a rug in one of the most commonly used rooms in your home, what exactly should you be looking for? 

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want your rug to look like and the size and effect you’re going for, the next most important thing to go by is the fibres. As arguably the busiest room in your home, you need to be mindful and realistic about which material is going to last. If you have kids and pets it comes as no surprise to learn that shaggier rugs are going to be more difficult to maintain, something we’ll talk about later. 


Wool rugs are great if you’re looking for that extra warmth in your room. Naturally amazing at insulating, wool rugs will give your floor that toasty feeling underfoot. As a material, it’s fairly easy to maintain and doesn’t need any extra care or attention. Plus, wool rugs are generally flame resistant, however, always check the manufactures guide before laying a wool rug near a fireplace for example. 


A wool-mix rug uses a blend of wool and man-made fibres that help to reduce shedding that occurs in a natural wood rug. The blend of the softer wool and materials such a nylon and polyester gives a wool-mix rug that extra durability and strength. This is great for families or busy homes as you can reap the benefits of wool but have a rug that can handle that extra bit of footfall with ease. Also, because it isn’t a whole natural material, wool-mix rugs are a cheaper alternative to some other finer fibre rugs. Ideal if you’re on a budget. 


Don’t be fooled when you hear polyester. Most people imagine a cheap and rougher material, however, this just isn’t true. Polyester rugs are very soft to the touch and are able to offer you even more longevity than the previously mentioned materials. This is because they are mixed with low levels of wool to give you a similar look and feel of a more expensive rug. Resistant to water with low levels of absorbency, polyester rugs are ideal for family life where you’re likely to see more than the odd spill. 

Natural Materials 

If you’ve got a bigger budget than a natural materia rug is the ultimate choice. Think of rugs that use Jute or Sisal as these natural materials offer a slightly thinner and textured finish. This makes them ideal as functional rugs and they will have more than double the life of a softer material. Natural material rugs can also withstand heavy footfall thanks to its durability and strength. Generally, natural rugs are better for homes that are looking for a rug with substance over style.