Studies have shown that people spend a good percentage of their lifetimes in bathrooms, making them one of the most important spaces in a building. Even though it’s not one of the rooms that people that people see at the first glance of your home, it should be one of the elegant and well taken care of rooms on your house. This not only applies to its cleanliness but also to the decorations and maintenance. 
Some of the key factors to consider when renovating your bathroom include:

Shower panels

Shower panels have evolved greatly over the years to be to accommodate many features that were never there before. They now range from ones that satisfy the daily necessities to those that are considered luxurious such as those that function like an iPad. These shower panels contain a video screen, Wi-Fi connectors and light effects among other features and usually very expensive. 

Some basic panels can perform the required functions without the need for extra cost making them suitable for those who cannot afford the expensive ones. Choose a shower panel that fits within your budget and suits all your needs, while remaining durable. They are usually made from different materials like glass, steel and in some cases wood. This also gives you a wide range of variety to choose from according to your preference.

Shower systems

Since showers mark an important part of people’s daily routines, it’s important to choose the best shower system that fits well with the vision you have for your bathroom and functions as well as you expect it. These systems come in different types such as rain showers, which spray water straight down from a single head, and body sprays that have multiple heads integrated into the shower wall. Other types include handheld showers that are attached to flexible hoses, multiple showers that have several heads controlled by one handle and single head showers that have multiple nozzles that can change from water sprays to concentrated beams. 

Apart from the heads and controls or handles, shower valves are also part of a shower system and can be used to distinguish different types of these systems. Some types of the valves include mixing valve that mixes hot and cold water during a shower and thermostatic valve that maintains constant temperature and pressure when being used. Whether you use showerheads, valves or any other part to choose the best system for you, ensure it meets all your needs while still being economical. You can read more here: .

Digital shower controls

Digital shower controls are better than manual ones since they give more room for customization as well as a more pleasing appearance. Some of the other benefits include being more economical controlling the water temperature without the hassle of letting the water run before heating up and eliminating the uncertainty of how much the water heats when you’re taking a shower. 

Although they may differ in the outward design and some features, digital shower controls are similar in basic functionality in that they all allow you to control your shower with the push of a button. Even though the design is important, you should not overlook the functioning features of these controls when buying one. Choose one that is affordable, easy to use and gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to its usage.

Drainage system

The size of your drainage pipes is dependent on what you do in the bathroom and where you live. Even if you try to remove hair from the bathroom after shaving or washing your hair, chances are that some of the hair will be washed down the drainage. If your pipes are smaller, they will block easily thus creating a necessity for larger pipes. For those who live in areas that experience winter, it’s advisable to avoid placing pipes from your bathroom near exterior walls in order to avoid freezing.


Daily routines such as applying makeup and shaving require the right amount of lighting for best results. Adjustable bulbs that will allow you to dim your light the way you want are the best option, but for those who cannot afford them, proper mirror placement helps. You can also use fog-free mirrors that will remain clear even when taking a hot shower. Invest in a good mirror that will help you get the most out of your lighting.


Studies have shown that slippery bathroom floors present the most amount of danger in homes as well as hotels. Ensure your bathroom has non-slippery flooring that will act as a source of additional stability. Textured floors are usually better than larger tiles, which are more dangerous than smaller tiles. This is because larger tiles have grout lines placed further apart than the smaller ones. 


Since bathrooms require frequent cleaning as part of sanitization, it’s important to use any material that’ easy to clean as part of the maintenance. Porcelains, for instance, are easier to clean than other material. Make sure your walls and floors are made using such material. 


Your drawers and cabinets should be spacious while not consuming too much space in the bathroom. From towels, tissue papers, hair products and shaving materials, the number of items stored in bathrooms are great, thus the need for better storage. Some modern ideas you can use when renovating include placing shelves on the walls, maximizing the spaces under the sinks, hanging baskets on the wall and stacking materials to avoid wasting any space.


Although renovations are usually more expensive, the amount of money you use in your bathroom shouldn’t exceed what your home worth. Ensure you sample different contractors and negotiate for the best deal. The accessories and other equipment you want to add should fit within your budget and still be of value-adding quality.


Bathroom renovation doesn’t end with the installation of new items but extends to how you maintain the new look. Consider the renovation a long-term investment avoid making decisions based on current trends only and try to envision what you want your bathroom to look like in future, for example after a year. The design you choose should make you comfortable and reflect your personality since this is your private space. Unless you’re living alone, consult other family members who use the same bathroom for their ideas and preferences.