You spend so much time in your bedroom, so making it the perfect place is important. It should have a feeling of serenity and relaxation, while being fun and inviting. To make your bedroom the happiest place in your home, it should reflect who you are as a person. Between comfort and color, you can make your bedroom the safe haven you are looking for at the end of a long day.

There is no reason to put the bedroom at the bottom of your decorating list just because it is not where you will entertain. You should make your bedroom perfect for your own sake since it is a place just for your partner or wife and yourself, within your home. Personal styles may differ when decorating and furnishing a bedroom, but there are some key features that have a universal positive effect on the overall design and comfort of your bedroom.

Here are some ways you could make your bedroom glow with happiness

1. Soothing Paint Color for the Walls

Your room should give off a vibe of calm. It is the place where you relax at the end of the day. That is why it is recommended to paint the walls of your bedroom a calm soothing color, nothing bright and harsh. Most people agree that softer hues reminiscent of nature can be the most pleasing. This can mean blues, greens, browns and more. Studies have said that most adults connected the color green or blue to feelings of happiness, so you may want to choose a nice calming shade of one of these colors. It is a great place to start when creating the happiest room in your home. One must not forget that painting the walls is not always the best solution especially if you own an old town house in old cities like Valletta where buildings are restored to their former glory. An example of old townhouses you can visit the SIR site To preserve the charm and character of an old housealive, you can add neutral colored curtains and/or do a feature wall. 

2. De-Cluttering Your Bedroom

There is nothing that stresses people out more than clutter. It is not necessary to be a minimalist, but removing the unnecessary items from your bedroom, keeping it neat and clean, can be an extra source of happiness. Especially if the rest of your home is all cluttered, at the end of the day to walk into an uncluttered room can bring you joy. So make sure everything has its place, and specifically keep extra items out of the bedroom.

3. Include Favorite Photographs

Your nightstand is capable of holding more than just a tissue box. Seeing a photo of your loved ones right before you go to sleep or right when you wake up, can bring you a great level of happiness. Reflecting on your happy memories while in your bedroom will make your bedroom one of your favorite places to go in the house. There is no need to overload walls and surfaces with photos, but a few nice photographs in decorative frames can bring an extra layer of happiness to the room.

4. Choosing Inviting Bed Dressings

Don’t like making your bed? Well, a made bed will actually bring your more happiness. When everything is in its place and looking picture perfect, it will make you smile. Choose bed dressings that complement the wall color, are colorful and comforting. Not wanting to get out of bed is not a bad thing; it can actually make you happier. If you make your bed more inviting, the more time you will want to spend in the happiest room in your home.

5. Bring in a Refreshing Scent

Although you do not want to overdo it, bringing in your favorite scent into the bedroom will make it an even more inviting place to be. Whether from fresh cut flowers or fresh plants, a candle or diffuser, or a nice linen spray, the right scent can put you in a better state of mind. Scents like vanilla, lavender, and eucalyptus can be very soothing. Other scents that can boost your feelings of happiness include any floral scents. The smell of fresh flowers will always make you smile.  And by the way, house plants can really improve your health and quality of life.

6. Pull Back Those Drapes

The one thing that always brightens up any day is sunshine. It can be a powerful mood lifter that also helps set our circadian rhythms. Opening the shades and letting in the sunlight will brighten the room and your mood. It will give your room excellent lighting to show off the beautiful wall color, bed linens and photos.
No matter what your style, these few decorating ideas can make it easy for your bedroom to be your favorite and happiest room in the house.