Get Superman Vision for All Your DIY Work  

If you are the type of person who enjoys DIY work, you know that sense of fulfillment you get from completing a project and making an upgrade to your home.  The types of jobs that I’ve done over the years range from typical kitchen work to complete remodeling, and even fixing up homes for habitat for humanity.  

I heard about Walabot a few weeks and knew it was something I had to try out and see if it actually worked. For all the successful DIY projects I have done, I have also had a fair share of miss-steps, from busting a water pipe to the gut wrenching experience where I mounted a flat screen on the side of a stud rather than the center and it came crashing down. The prospect of being able to finally abandon exploratory drilling into walls and actually know what was behind the wall before starting a project was what I needed.  

How it works

Walabot connects to Android devices running 5.0 and above, so most smartphones released in the last 2 or 3 years should work fine with it.

Once you have that, you connect Walabot to your phone and it offers a variety of modes.

I started with map mode, which essentially lets you scan a large area and see the structural foundations of your wall.  Then I switched to images mode, which actually identifies what each object behind your wall is, I was able to know clearly if there was a metal or wooden studs, along with wires and pipes.  There is a final mode called raw which shows you movement, so if a mouse scurried by or other pests, it would spot it.

Seeing Through Walls Makes DIY Work Easier

 I have quite a few stud finders, but I find most of them unreliable, and if you have multiple things near each other like a wire that’s running near a stud it can’t differentiate them.
This was the first time I have seen a tool that actually shows you what’s there.  Sure, there are simple devices that can help you approximate where studs are in drywalling. But if you have concrete foundations, brick walls, or ceilings it’s an entirely different ballgame. I’ve often found myself wanting to know where the wires are running in power boxes, through the walls, or in the ceiling, and this actually lets you map out large sections of the wall.

Putting Walabot to the Test

When you are cutting into foundations walls, or other structures you need to know what’s there. For one of our tests, we used Walabot to mount a cabinet in the kitchen.  My kitchen has been remodeled 2 times in the past so it was a guessing game of what would be in the wall.  I used Walabot to scan the general area and detected 2 pipes, then I located the studs, one of which had wire running very near it.  I used the raw mode to see if there were any abnormalities in the wall and also to get a closer look at the center of the stud.  Overall the installation went smoothly and although it did take a bit of time to get the hang of Walabot and calibrate it, but after going through the learning curve and also checking our their tutorial videos, I quickly built up the urge to start scanning all my walls and planning my next upgrade.

It is unlike anything else I have ever used. I consider myself to be medium to high skilled in DIY work, and I give you my assurance that I’ve not come across a product that works as well as this one. It’s attached to your smartphone and it performs space-age functions. 

To Walabot or not to Walabot

Remember Superman has x-ray vision? Now, you can be your own Superman and see through the walls. We’re talking 4 inches of concrete or 10 cm of concrete. You’ll be able to spot things like electrical cables, and even rodents and pests that are living inside your wall. Forget stud finders. What you really want is to be able to see into the wall so that you don’t take a hammer and smash into your electrical lines and electrocute yourself.

I have good intuition with DIY work.  This tool allows me to ‘see’ what I’m doing. It saves time, and makes everything easier. You will always want to have accurate information before you start your exploratory research. Take it from somebody who likes to get things done right every time. You can’t go wrong with the right skills and the right tools!

Highly Recommended - 9/10