Decorating around a piano is an interesting affair. There are many interesting ways of decorating around a piano. You can place a piano in a corner of your room, decorate around it and make your place aesthetically pleasant and beautiful. 

 While there are no boundaries for decorating your piano, you can keep it simple and decent. You can simply place it against a wall with a decent little wall clock hanging on the wall. What it does is that it gives your piano a decent look without doing anything fancy.  Also, if you can, it is recommended to keep a wooden patterned floor beneath, in this case. Here’s the perfect example of the above-described idea. 

(Image Credit: Camilla Krishnaswamy)

Here’s another great way to decorate on and around a piano.

(Image Credit: Lovely Life)
You can place your piano beside or in front of a bookshelf. For some reason, the piano perfectly kind of camouflages itself and gives a pleasing feeling. Just make sure that the piano and the bookshelf are in-line and perfectly aligned or else it will kind of ruin the whole idea.  Also, if you can manage to find a piano in a color similar to that of your bookshelf, it would be just perfect.

Here’s another example of how amazingly you can execute the idea.

( Image Credit: Design Vidal )
The way the piano is arranged amidst the bookshelf is amazing. The window behind the piano makes it even better. It seems just perfect for a pianist to produce music and play his tunes.

If you’re willing to decorate around your piano in a fancier manner, there are tons of options and combinations.

You can place your piano against any wall and hang a few paintings or posters on that wall and the piano. You’ll be amazed to see how the paintings and the art on them would compliment the piano.

(Image Credit: Genevieve Garruppo)
You can also decorate a piano by placing beautiful and suitable vases on the piano along with a few random decoration pieces. The picture below is the perfect execution of this idea.

(Image Credit: Elizabeth Harris)

Here’s another great idea to decorate around a piano. You can place the piano against a wall and either fix the mirror on the wall or rest the base of the mirror against the piano. This would really make it look great. Here’s how it will look. 

(Image Credit: One Kings Lane)

My personal favorite idea of decorating around a piano is to give your place a ‘musical look.' You can simply look for stand up pianos for sale and put it in any random place and place or hang guitars, drum sticks, violins and other similar stuff around the piano. This arrangement will trigger the musician inside you hence would be a very good idea to try out. 

(Image Credit: Brittany Ambridge)
Last, but not the least. You can decorate around your piano like a true pianist would. You can place the piano near any window and place a rug in front of your instrument. Get a beautiful and extremely simple chandelier and hang it over the piano, if you can accommodate that. Moreover, you can keep a beautiful plant or a tall vase near the piano and you’re good to go.

( Image Credit: refinedllc )
As visible in the picture above, this arrangement is extremely beautiful yet simple. Even though a vase or a plant is missing, it looks extremely gorgeous. The best part is that this won’t take a lot of time to arrange. 
Also, you can try and get flooring that compliments your arrangement and decoration. In the above picture, the wooden flooring seems just perfect for the arrangement and compliments it in the most beautiful manner.